2021 Xmas Jam: a new 25 map pack!


It’s finally here! 25 maps of Arcane Dimensions goodness, confined to a 1,024 unit cubed game-play area.

Download: https://www.moddb.com/mods/arcane-dimensions/addons/xmasjam2021

The lineup:

Ghosts of Christmas Past —by Sock (start)
Father’s Hand —by Chris Holden
Wither Wonderland —by Greenwood
The Library of Forgotten Dreams —by Grue
Santa’s Fragtory —by Heresy
Microcosmosophy II —by Ionous
Video Kojima —by Ish
The Lost Rook —by JCR
Five Bulls A-Beating —by Krak
Dichromatic Abomination —by Krampus
Midnight Mass —by Magnetbox
Yule Be Sorry —by Makt
The Ash Keep —by Mememind
When there were Wolves —by MrTaufner and RadiatorYang
Cleanup For Santa —by Mykee
Possibility is not a Luxury; It is as crucial as bread! —by Naitelveni
*Rust Clot * —by Omni
Snapchip Shatter —by Pinchy Skree
Holiday Puzzle —by Repator
The Town Inside a Snow Globe —by Riktoi
Sewer Santa —by Riktoi
Wintry Quadupola —by Riktoi
Yuletide —by Scythe
The Endless Winter —by Scythe
Realm Of the Carpenter —by Textfish
Bee Home for Christmas —by Wiedo

Thanks to all who contributed to this event, and to Sock for doing a huge amount of behind-the-scenes work to get this project complete.

Happy Holidays to all, and enjoy. :slight_smile:

25 maps for 25 years of ‘Quake’?

Ah, I can’t wait to open this present!!

The musical composition “Myuu - Silent Night (Dark Piano Version), track 66” is amazing! But in my opinion this melody should have been put on the starting map.


Im stuck in dichromatic abomination. What seemed like a great map now turned into nightmare of sorts ;). I finished it, I helped santa, I have all 42 secrets and I cant get out… When leaving the level I have the stats screen as usual (kills, secrets, time) but instead of going back to the hub, the level resets and Im again at the start of it with all of the weapons and ammo I had previously ending it. What’s going on. I dont want my progress ont the Xmas Jam to be lost. I just cant get to the hub again ;/.

Can anyone help?

I was once given an advice here on the forum, that if you are stuck in a dead loop of sort you describe, using the “changelevel [mapname]” in the commandline, may help.

Indeed: this is a known bug with that map (and only that map in this pack).
changelevel start
is the recommended solution, as triple_agent says.

My original issue was in “Arcane Dimensions” version “1.8”, with a certain base map, that instead of returning to the hub upon completion, continued into basic ‘Quake’ campaign - level 2 of episode 1, if I am correct.

@ triple_agent
fix for this map here:

@triple_agent @aoanla
It worked! Thank U very much!!! ;D

Found a bug with QSS on Rust Clot - some of the dogs in the initial rounds of the map spawn below the level you can access, so you have to try and shoot the remaining dogs through holes in the floor to trigger the next part of the map.