3 new reviews by Tronyn

New reviews by Tronyn:

I have no clue why usernames are not displayed in the forum anymore.
Also I just noticed I never uploaded all the screenshots in the interviews on this server, sorry about that. Will fix that once I am done synching files (engines, wads, tools, etc).

Thanks for the positive review, but in regards to the skybox, it should be simply a black skybox. I am unsure why it’s this weird wall texture in the screen shots. If other people are having that problem, then it must be I screwed up somewhere. I would definitely use a better skybox than what’s shown in the pics if I were to make a custom one.

Totally that’s weird. I thought you messed around with Q1 graphics to produce that. If not - obviously not - we can fix the review reference.
That said, the “base border” in the sky did strike me as appropriate.

Thanks for the nice review, Tronin

Yeah, nice reviews. Scores, dunno. Now go play DMC3 if you haven’t (pimping because I want oldschool gameplay to return to quake mapping and be appreciated).

About the sky in Zwiffle’s map, I didn’t check, but it could be that the sky texture used has the wrong dimensions (it must be 256*128). At least this may explain the glitch in some source ports. Fitzquake has no problem with it.

yeah - that’s probably the issue - I think you’ll find the same thing in SM110_drew, for example

@negke - hopefully, you be starting on dmc4 someday. since i’ve never played quake mp, either with bots (don’t get me started on that farrago of shite named quake III!) or online, my exposure to the many beautiful dm maps was playing them with the genius dmsp2 mod. so, i really spooge when i find dm\sp conversions done with love and respect. in that vein, i suggest you maintain a request list from the users of such levels as to which ones they want to see converted next. steve