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Forum thread for honey

Unregistered user “than” posted:

The rating should go to 11… I know that’s 2xMAX+1, but it deserves it. Play it now if you haven’t already. Amazingly well designed maps that are easily on par or better than any other Quake maps ever made (including czg07 and his other maps).

Unregistered user “JohnNy_cz” posted:

First impression: Amazing how far and deep one can take the true Quake sewage atmosphere.

Further down the game: How much time did it take to make this map?!? 5/5

Unregistered user “Serge” posted:

Very impressive. Id should hire this guy for the sequel (if it happens). The village map is awesome.

Unregistered user “bent” posted:

can’t save game, gives me an error “ED_ParseGlobals: EOF without closing brace on line 167”. Using bengt jardrup’s glquake. Any suggestions?

Unregistered user “Spirit” posted:

Yes, use Quakespasm.

Unregistered user “Daz” posted:

Video playthrough (2 parts) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ty_UVj3qc00

Unregistered user “moron” posted:

…mmh I’ll surely try it !
glad to see Quake classic authors are still alive!

Unregistered user “Denizen” posted:

Did anyone get this to save a game using Darkplaces?

Unregistered user “Dani” posted:

Very very beautifull.
I have problems saving, too.
Sometimes I get the same error than bent. And other one I get is :
Host_Error: PRVM_EDICT_NUM: server: bad number 603 (called at prvm_edict.c:515)

It seems that savefiles are there but it throws same errors when loading.

But a great job indeed.
Congrats !!!

Unregistered user “QuakeForever” posted:

This is an excellent pack. CZG keep on mapping!

Check out taw.duke4.net for the first comprehensive review of the package.

And I hope Tronyn gets to covering this and that other recent map soon!

Unregistered user “Rafro007” posted:

Man, just when you’ve laid off for awhile, you come back and find…this! Oh man, this was just what the doctor ordered and the only thing I hated about it was…there wasn’t more! Great job, CZG, and loved the little ghosts at the end and uh…the credits.


P.S. As usual, I couldn’t find all of the secrets, :frowning: but that’s ok. This was a necessary diversion at exactly the right time for me, and you can depend on that! :slight_smile:

Unregistered user “John” posted:

These are probably the best maps I´ve ever played, and i´ve played them all ;)!!!

Great Inspiration for All!

Thanks CZG!

Unregistered user “hkBattousai” posted:

Unknown command “Fog”.
Hunk_Allock: failed on 616944 bytes
Sorry but, 1 star…

Unregistered user “megalodon” posted:

hkBattousai… Don’t know if you did this or not but you can’t play this with a normal quake or glquake.exe. You need to use a Fitzquake with increased limits and proper memory settings. It’s not the map’s fault since it’s not meant for 1996 era.

However, I do feel ALL these things should be included in the readme file for newcomers, incl. mem settings. Fitzquake is mentioned, but that’s it.

Unregistered user “martyfender” posted:

CZG: I wanted to say that I absolutely love your lastest release, Honey. This is probably one of the best map sets I have ever played in Quake. The second map I think is the best of the two. I have played it twice through, once on skill 1 and a second time on skill 2. These great maps are unlike anything else I have played in Quake. I look forward to another great release by you. Thanks for straying off the beaten path building maps that are truly different, with out any of the stupid gimmicks, like I see in some of the so called, 4 star or greater maps. This is 5= hearts rating!

Unregistered user “BME/ILMHB” posted:

Absobloodylutely a very high standard. The maps have such a humongous atmosphere and size. It’s almost unbelievable this is just made in Q1, it can rival modern games of not so long ago.


Unregistered user “Cocerello” posted:

Well, a lot of people commented already most of what i was going to say, so I’ll keep it short.

Visually, the map is the best one i have ever played. It lacks a bit in the game play section and monster placement, like the shamblers at the final part of the honey map. It could be a bit difficultier in nightmare too. The fog looks very good, but in some parts it makes it very grayish, depending of the engine used.

The biggest problem i see is that the water flows again and the slime stops flowing without you using a switch, destroying something or killing the mastermind behind it or any other way it could be used. This ruins the narrative part of the map.

Unregistered user “E-werd” posted:

Towards the end of the two maps there were very large machines with buttons. This is what started/stopped the flow.

If you were blindly pushing buttons to get through, you’d miss it! :slight_smile:

Thx for mentioning it, yes, there they are.

More than i were blindly pushing, its more like i couldn’t see what they were doing or the relation with the water/slime, because, at least in honey, pressing the button on the machine moves 2 doors, so you just think thats all it does. But now that i took a good look, its obvious what they do.