overall_rating 3.274038461538462 16

Finally, I was disappointed to find that CZG’s map is our old friend hrdtrffc (Hard Traffic), which got a standalone release and which I played ten full years ago.

Oh well. Not a bad pack all in all, especially when you think it was released more than two decades ago.

czg - a bit disappointing to find this map to be average at best
Hrimfaxi - nice level with a bit of verticality, didn’t like the shmablers in the face move, feels cheap and bad
Leviathan - extraordinary map with a lot of rocket launcher gameplay, which is nice, but the map itself just isn’t that good
Pushplay - worst map of the set, featuring some of the worst game design decisions like having to fight shalrath in a cramped space without cover and not supplying much health and armor prior to that fight, or having to shotgun shalraths from afar