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Forum thread for rohling

Unregistered user “peter tron” posted:


i know.
comparing it to the majority of mods/maps on this site, it is not good at all.

although i did enjoy the fact that it did feel like i was inside tronyn or necros’ mind as they were having a really bad nightmare concerning quake mapping!

it really does honestly depict a nightmare setting convincingly. paths that end with nowhere to go. bollocks secrets that you can’t get back onto solid ground without dying!
the first room you teleport to reminds me of the drug nightmare suffered by max payne.
it’s a bad map, yes, but it still had a very unsettling, cold, absract, dark feel to it that some ‘polished’ maps lack.

Unregistered user “peter tron” posted:

there was a moment in the third (fourth?) room, where it was pitch black in the far corner.
you could just make out the teleporter, but as you are about to approach it, you can just make out some silhouettes of fiends sitting, waiting.

he tried to make shadows work, bless 'im, and to a point it DID.

i’d like to see what he could do if he put his mind to it and spent some time designing it better.
there’s a few nice ideas, he just needs to work on it.

that gave me the shits!

Unregistered user “dehlor” posted:

I agree with you… I often like most amateur but original/eclectic maps than technically good but boring standard maps…
best would be a reasonable mix of them !

Unregistered user “than” posted:

man! we should do a speedmap event where we take an old map that is really bad such as this one and try to turn it into a playable sp, whilst at the same time keeping fairly close to the original in terms of shape and general theme.

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It is a somewhat peculiar map, with a weird progression where you don’t know well where to go (some teleport brushes would be good), but i appreciate it for its different combat, even if it seems a bit overpowering sometimes. I disagree with the other comments in that it is similar to other maps of that time, it has a different style.

To summarize, if you want something weird. Play it.

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This actually is kinda fun in a crappy way. Definitely creative.

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I am open to all, but this is a total crap :frowning: Yes, there is some originality and this level just full of mindless strange, but that’s not enough, it just unplayable and dull. If the author want so, he could make a good level based on his ideas, but he didn’t apply enough diligence.

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i really liked the ‘zombie conga line’ & the ‘grenade run.’

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This is one of the worst levels I’ve ever played… just don’t play it, trust me.

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Anyone here played any “mockery” levels for Doom? I think this one might be in the same league. It seems like it’s deliberately TRYING to be horrible. Honestly, it was kinda entertaining to me because of just how bad it is… it’s like The Room as a Quake level. It’s one of the worst levels I’ve ever played, yet I smiled while playing it.

It’s still awful though. 1/5

Unregistered user “gr00t” posted:

much commentary for a crappy map. i agree it has some nice ideas, executed poorly.