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Please take your attitude elsewhere. It might seem funny to you, but it is neither that nor encouraging anyone to map (which is what we all want, right?). This site is meant to be a nice place. Please use it accordingly.

Please think about your rating and re-apply it.

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Anyway where is the sock’s map?

As Shambler said he is “a massive flouncy internet drama queen gaylord” :(((

Here is full mappack link: https://mega.co.nz/#!g8BCwTaK!U9mhD2TD7vVaoh2X7c91L3OREhOjJ-pBEYfrKFx-BfA

Does not matter what Shambler said, don’t talk about people like that at Quaddicted.

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Rated to offset the BS rating :stuck_out_tongue:

Beautiful work on the first map, sm175_5th (Temple of Spiteful Anguish by Fifth Elephant). It’s just astonishing that this was made in a day – the ability of modern Quake mappers is just amazing. It’s a good sized level with plenty of challenging game-play, easily the equal of (say) one of the original ID levels. Toss in a couple more secrets and it would be easily worth 4* all on its own, if not 5*.

Take into account that my second maps are a continuation of my first maps, don’t play them as standalones.
I challenge everyone to find the ring of invisibility. It isn’t hidden, but in an unexpected place, so no one has found it till now.

I recommend Scampie’s and Digs’s maps.

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sm175\_digs is just as impressive in its different way as sm175_5th. Where that map is all about wide open spaces and angles of attack, this one is all claustrophic – yet somehow, without degenerating into mere cramped corridors. Very impressive work, and again worth a solid 4* had it been a standalone map.

sm175_doomer (Not Koohoo) is fun in its way, but suffers a bit by comparison to the previous two maps. The progression feels linear in rather a forced way, but what’s much worse is the absence of that Koohoo atmosphere. It all feels too brightly lit and jolly. That said, I did enjoy the ending: it’s rare that you find yourself in a situation where rockets are the appropriate tool for shamblers, and fun when it does come up! In isolation, I would probably have marked this 3*, or 2* on a bad day.

I played sm175_coceaa and sm175_coceab together. (I’ve not played the Scourge of Argmagon or Dissolution of Eternity versions).

I enjoyed the first very much – great to return to a familar place and have everything different.

The second is just insanely hard – basically a single gigantic bunfight with way too many hard monsters (shamblers, fields, sniping vores), and nowhere near enough ammo or armour, or even any good weapons (SNG, rocket launcher and lightning gun all missing). I cheated without compunction, and even in God mode had nowhere near enough ammo to finish everyone off. I just don’t see how this is fun.

So a generous 4* for the first map and 1* for the second, for an average of 2.5* which I’ll round down to 2* because I found the second one such a waste of beautiful moving architecture.

(Sorry, Cocerello, to be so negative, it gives me no pleasure. You did some amazing work in Map B, but the absurd difficulty just means it’s all wasted on me.)