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I’ve not really played any of these yes, but I wanted to give a shout-out to DelusionalBear, whose map title Unwarranted Phlebotomy made me chuckle out loud.

So, taking the maps in reverse order …

Ela-V8 (100b4_roman) is kind of pretty, but not remotely my idea of fun. I didn’t even make a serious attempt at solving its slope-jumping puzzles, because why would I?

Unwarranted Phlebotomy (100b4_DelusionalBear) is much better: a small but perfectly adequate base map with a nice escalating combat to finish. Yes, it’s rough around the edges: things like buttons that you can press again after they’ve been activated, only for them to do nothing. But this doesn’t spoil things in a major way. If this truly is only the 18th best map in the pack, I have a lot of fun awaiting me.

BTW., only three of the maps have less than 100 brushes, and some of the others go as high as 338 or even 758! Why did these maps not attract penalties?

"However, both trigger brushes and clip brushes DO NOT count towards the total. "

Thanks, @digs. I don’t see that statement in either 100b4_readme.txt or 100b4_results.txt, but I believe you anyway :slight_smile:

N-Titties (100b4_shamblernaut) is biggish but largely empty and featureless – which is one way to use 100 brushes, but not my favourite way. It feels like a big of a hack to work one’s way through a succession of dark, cavernous rooms, taking out base enemies with low-powered weapons, but at least the multi-level nature of most of those rooms provides a bit of relief. Not enormous fun for me.

In The Tutorial (100b4_dumptruck), I can’t figure out how to get past the room where the two big robots spam you with grenades. I see that an earlier explosion exposed a teleport texture, but I can’t see a way to get up to it – and when I used fly to reach it, it didn’t activate anyway. What am i missing?

The Engineering Department (100b4_jcr) is rather jolly, a blast-fest that is intentionally somewhat low on shells and nails, and withholds the SNG an LG, to force you to rely somewhat on grenades. The architecture is a tad primitive, but it works well as a framework to hang the game on: lots of the combats involve fighting enemies on a different level from you, which is an interesting challenge especially when grenades are involved. Good stuff.

Cerebral Edema (100b4_shotro) was perfectly OK – if a bit ugly – right up to the point where four vermises appeared, the odd shambler turned up, and an endless supply of vorelings started spawning in. Could I have beaten it? Maybe. Could I be bothered? Reader, I could not. All in all, I didn’t have a great time with this map because, for me, Quake is 90% about exploration, and there was none. Other people’s mileage will vary.

The Forgotten Station (100b4_Artistical01) is not a bad experience for a small map, though its name is particularly bizarre: there’s nothing remotely resembling a station in the map, and it is of course not forgotten being full of monsters. Much more substantively, though, the map suffers from being stupidly dark – dark enough that the ambushes just feel like straight-up cheats.

Pyro’s Barbeque (100b4_newhouse) is enjoyably convoluted, but suffers from the tendency in many of these maps to feel a bit random, and also cramped. It feels like a map from the 1990s (apart from the use of Quoth monsters, of course) and it seems to me that it wastes a lot of brushes of features that add nothing to either the gameplay or the aesthetics. Far short of Newhouse’s best work.

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I’ve given Locus Genus (100b4_Artistical_03) a fair crack, despite finding its early stages not particularly enjoyable. But now I’ve grown too bored to trying to figure out what the heck to do next after killing the gaunts. I’m moving on. Oh well.

Between Dimensions (100b4_jcr2), while technically unsophisticated, is much more fun – an escalating base-into-arcane map with interesting combats and some fun mechanisms to play with along the way. Among my favourites so far.

Beyond and Within (100b4_Artistical_02) is OK, but the non-orthogonal walls, floors and ceilings get to be drag after a while. And this is probably just personal preference, but I found fighting a few very strong enemies less satisfying than the more usual situation of many weaker enemies. That said, it was very pleasing to finish the level with no ammunition of any kind, zero armour and a single health point.

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The Teleportation Complex (100b4_newhouse2) is very neatly done, and fun to play. But it falls foul of my dislike of teleporters. For me, a big part of what I enjoy about a good Quake level is figuring out how it all fits together, and the way teleporters break up the geography always feel like a cheat to me, somehow. Anyway, I can’t fault it for execution.

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I have a problem at the start of Deflan - I apper in black piramide and cant go out. I tried to shoot walls by axe, but it has no effect.