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Forum thread for ne_ruins

Unregistered user “Dani” posted:

One of the best I’ve ever seen… Congratulations!

Unregistered user “d3l0r” posted:

…at last some visual variatons from obnoxious usual quake theme!

Unregistered user “NightFright” posted:

Amazing architecture and gameplay! If you don’t play this - why have you played Quake before?

Unregistered user “Denizen T” posted:


Unregistered user “Lord of the Undead” posted:

Incredible. Several brilliant ideas that should be more frequently incorporated. The quad shotgun was nice, but I never really warmed up to it that much. The zombies were actually really really scary the first two or three times, and if well used, could easily continue to scare me. Why no one used the zombies like that before is beyond me. All of the new monsters were a lot of fun to fight and the architecture was phenomenal. I couldn’t get it to work on the Quake Injector, you’ll have to do this one manually. It’s well worth it.

Unregistered user “Lord Graga” posted:

I LOVED it. First Quake SP map I play in years, and it just hit the spot. I absolutely loved the new monsters and the way they played together, and the bossfights were quite good, even though I had to use some saves for the final boss.

The visuals were amazing, the zombies kicked ass, and the quad shotgun was sweet. Approved.

Unregistered user “El Hombre” posted:

Great and innovative map, and the zombies are brilliant. However, best have time on your hands because you might not be able to save. The autosave thing does not work in Quakespasm( at least for me ), and saving proper does not either. This means you must play all the way through or lose where you were. And don’t die, either.

Because of the save bugs I had to give an otherwise excellent map 2 hearts. :frowning:

Unregistered user “El Hombre” posted:

Perhaps an engine issue, but I removed the pak file and all, re-extracted and started over. Works great now. Voted to 5 stars despite issues as it is such an outstanding map ( got to the rune vault. most excellent ).

Look forward to the rest!

Unregistered user “Daz” posted:

Map playthrough - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiDb7ZMk9BI

Unregistered user “dehlor” posted:

Haven’t played it yet…
but from what I’ve seen in YouTube video this is going to be a MASTERPIECE !

Snowy outdoor setting reminds me of Daikatana 2nd chapter (no pun intended :)…)

This is great stuf’

Unregistered user “Weavaloid” posted:

Awesome made mod, love the fact you added Hexen 2 enemies in it!


Sadly my comp crashes right after the scary-assed lift that raises you to the snowy outside area, but everything before that is E P I C

Make sure you use a good engine, Quakespasm works.

Quakespasm crashes even faster than Fitzquake. It’s the computer I’m using, not the engine.

Make sure you use a good computer!

What kind of PC (poop computer) is that?

P4 3.20 :stuck_out_tongue:

Unregistered user “Marquaker” posted:

Very Nice Maps, awesome atmosphere! Some textures, map structures, and sounds is familiar with Elder Scrolls Oblivion, but this is a good thing! :slight_smile:

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