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Forum thread for func_mapjam3

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Requesting the composite screenshot for this instead.

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Unregistered user “QuakeForever” posted:

+1 that request

Unregistered user “Quaker” posted:

-1 that request

Unregistered user “Tronyn” posted:

I agree, but keep the current shot for the frontpage thumbnail (just like the jam 2 screenshots, with the best map for the smaller shot and the composite for the map page). I also think otp should be mentioned in the description, since he organized the jam. Finally, the news item says there’s five maps when there’s actually 6.

-1 Tronyn’s request, it’s a community event, not an onetruepurple event.

Unregistered user “Spirit” posted:

I’ll try to get multiple screenshots per item implemented soon so no rush in my opinion.

Unregistered user “tootsie” posted:

+1 for spirit

Unregistered user “delor” posted:

Wow ! This is the kind of maps I like… fresh, new, original themed, at least not the usual boring brown/dark theme !

Unregistered user “FUBAR” posted:

Loved every map!! Thanks for lending your time and talents yet again!!
Best Zerstorer theme award goes to JAM3_DAZ
An excellent and unique map that could fit into the original

Most enertaining award goes to JAM3_ERICW
Great opportunities for monster in-fighting (ie horde of zombies vs shambler, lol)

Most evil/difficult award goes to JAM3_IONOUS
I died a lot on this one – it’s a challenge! Found a minor clipping error in the spiral staircase.

Most beautiful award goes to JAM3_MFX
In awe of the map, with its great design. Some monsters in the blood flow room did not fall down, but stayed up there. So I was stuck until I realized this to be able to continue.

Most classic Q1 award goes to JAM3_SCAR3CROW
I really enjoyed this map because it reminded me of simple/raw Quake1 designs and gameplay. Some unique ideas, and the end battle is tough but hilarious

Most epic award goes to JAM3_TRONYN
Probably enjoyed this one the most because of the vast number of monsters and details. You never really get too far lost because every area is connected to one huge open space, so you see you are making progress in this epic (great for coop). Fun to explore for secrets as well!

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Unregistered user “ToM” posted:

Awesome Mappack once again, its amazing how much output this produced so far!
My favorite this time is mfx´s awesome bloodtemple, followed by Daz´s and Ionous maps. Perfect theme for helloween aswell.
Tronyns map feels a bit uncostumed for the party tbh, its an awesome map nevertheless.


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I played the first map, The Crimson Slipway (jam3_daz). A very impressive start to the pack with truly nasty scenery and some nicely judged combats. I got all 80 kills (on hard) and found three or four secrets – including the “useless” one, which was indeed useless! Very satisfying, though, having spotted it right at the start.

My only criticism is that the last part of the map felt terribly anticlimactic. After the big fight around the silver key, everything else was a walk in the park. It felt as though Daz had got bored with placing monsters, and just given up in the last 10-15% of the map. A real shame – the ship spoiled for a hap’orth of tar.

Bunker of Tears (jam3_ericw) is a nice followup, although the title seems terribly inappropriate. The setting is a marvellous hybrid bloodbath/space-station, and to call it something as mundane as a bunker is selling it short.

Lots to love about this, including a very distinctive visual look and a pleasing vertical progression. But on hard, it’s … kinda easy. The final combat in particular, is a cinch if you just run back to a safe distance and pepper everyone with nails. Only after that can you get the second secret (the quad), at which point it’s useless. In fact both secrets are very unsatisfying, and I found three or four much better positions where they could have been placed. Still, I don’t want to be too harsh about what is after all an excellent map, well worthy of a standalone release, that was presumably created in a very short time.

As a standalone, I’d award this a slightly harsh 4/5 for the balance issues. (And I didn’t mention it at the time, but the same score to The Crimson Slipway for the same reasons, though in that case the mark seems even more harsh.)