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First of all, to explain the pack, there was an announcement in the middle of the event that maps who exceeded clearly the two hours would not get rejected, which is one of the reasons there is more of that on the two last episodes.
Second, while it is not written anywhere, if someone notices something strange compared to the videos on Youtube, this is a newer beta release which has, amongst other things, changed map order.

Played on skill 2, as an episode and half of them later as standalones, but this comment is about episode play. Found all secret maps and played mostly with only the weapons given on each map, save for when the cramped arenas came.

Interesting mix of maps.

  • Most maps can be divided in two types, more gameplay focused, usually longer, and looks and polish focused, usually shorter and simpler, but they aren’t heavily specialized in any of them. Most maps that clearly have used more than two hours usually belong to the second group.

  • Maps usually have very straightforward encounters and while there is variety in approach, gameplay and use of ideas is similar in most cases, save on episode 4 which has some more variety.

  • The maps as expected are mostly broken or frustrating if played as standalones, but some mappers seem to have made them mainly for standalone play.

  • Some maps feature secret weapons that can change completely the experience of future ones, specially due to the cramped arenas.

  • The episodes have frequent spikes in difficulty specially on the first two.

  • One of the characteristics that stand out the most in this pack is that most of them feature cramped arenas, or encounters in general, where the player has its movement restricted against a high number of enemies, and surviving them is mainly up to having ready the weapon with the highest DPS available and pray for luck, as skill, strategy or tactics are tertiary to that. Due to the small importance of skill they aren’t hard, but are frustrating instead. On the other side, if the player has found in a secret a LG or RL previously, they become a piece of cake, so the most frustrating ones are usually around the middle of each episode.

  • There is at least one map that requires bsp2, by mistake, another that requires trickjumping for progression, and a third where it is easy to get stuck and need cheats to get out.

  • Tastes aside, stand out maps by Grashuriza, Hcm, RickyT23, Comfybythefire, Chocohearts, two each by Ish, Newhouse, Esrael, Spootnik, one each by another dozen or so mappers, the start and episode 4’s first map.

About each episode:

  • Episode 1: amongst the first five there is maps that are the hardest of the episode. More attempts of look and polish focus, mainly on textures. Less variety.

  • Episode 2: again amongst the first five there is maps that are the hardest of the episode. It is also the most frustrating, due to having the highest amount of cramped arenas by far.

  • Episode 3: a lot less cramped arenas but still frequent. More balanced and solid but less varied. Mappers seem to be getting the hang of using two hours.

  • Episode 4: lots of Tarbabies. More balanced than the rest, more solid, more varied, and have the largest amount of maps which clearly have used more than two hours. Other mappers have gotten the hang of using the two hours to the fullest here.

2 stars for the maps with cramped arenas, 4- for the others.

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