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Forum thread for mapjam7

Fixed version of jam7_newhouse map, please replace the old one. Fixes bug that makes it impossible to beat easy mode, and has other fixes too. It might be really good to put link here too:


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For the readme for my map, please visit this link:

The repackaging seems to have omitted all of the readmes sans the main one so I uploaded to a spot where all could access!

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Sorry about that. Will be fixed.

Perhaps we could use the screenshot medley created by Shambler for the screenshot?

But… Brush porn…

Unregistered user “komagama” posted:

is this the map jam from qexpo2016 ?
What was the deadline ?

Unregistered user “pietsen” posted:

Really liked Bloughsburgh’s map! The idea to gain a new ability was pretty cool and gave it a bit of a adventure touch. maybe you can think of more mechanics like that :slight_smile: Missed one secret somewhere unfortunately.

Bloughsburgh’s map was the best both in terms of design and playability. It had this charming quality to it, eldritch and high-tech: the rune power and virtual safety net updating were an excellent touch. It was magic.

Also the one with the grayspace pump, that was awesome for the very idea.

I’ve missed the info about NewHouse’s map update and just finished it on Normal without. Eh. Very nice level design, the playability was awful. I hope the update has a lot more ammo, I’ve finished it by playing with stealth and running past a lot of monsters.

Played three maps so far. In the order that I played them:

Bloughsburgh: Best gameplay of the bunch so far, with some tough fights and interesting, nonlinear progression. I had some apprehension when I read the map uses ladders extensively but I didn’t have much trouble with them. Climbing up waterfalls felt a bit artificial to me though, I would have preferred swimming up water pipes or something combined with normal ladders and lifts. The initial area I felt was a bit undetailed or too brightly lit for its size. In any case I would love to see a more polished, detailed version of this map if you get around to it! (Didn’t seek out all the rings, for now.)

ItEndsWithTens: Nice short map with a very cool setpiece–not like anything I have seen in Quake, that. Plays fine but felt a bit underpopulated (on skill 2).

Ionous: Amazing detail in the brushwork and texturing, you can tell why this person’s on the AD team. Worth playing for that alone. Overall it felt like a piece of a much larger map, giving you a taste of gameplay bit hinting at something more. Many doors that are never used and at least one nonworking ladder. I also seem to have missed the nailgun. Could be my fault though, or maybe it’s hidden in the one secret.

@komagama: Yes, this was the QExpo 2016 mapjam.

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Great map pack, even if I’m not fond of big vertical maps. This is why a put a 4 on 5 for this pack.

Nightmare access was really easy to find.

Besides this, I’m happy to see 3rd party maps 20 years after Quake was released… Ouch, I’m getting old :smiley:

Thanks for all of the comments everyone!

Pietsen: Glad you enjoyed the level, I intend to further expand on mechanics such as found in the map!

Azradun: I was trying to go for a unique setting and I think the rubicon2 texture set really helped me achieve that. Thanks for the comments and glad you enjoyed what you describe as magic!

Lane: Glad you were pleasantly surprised! Amusingly enough, the main room was the place I spent the most time in terms of detailing haha. I agree the lights are too bright but I ran out of time to work with them. I might re-release for AD once 1.5 hits but it is still up in the air!

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I thoroughly enjoyed Altars of the Digital Oracle (jam7_ionous) while at the same time wishing there was a bit more gameplay. The setting is beautiful and large-scale (albeit that it essentially all happens in and around a single central chamber). It just felt that, for the amount of space and scenery, there could have been a lot more combat. (Also, I was disappointed that all those locked doors near the start and elsewhere don’t open at the end.)

I never found the one secret (or the last kill). Can anyone give me a hint?

Anyway, 4/5 for this map in isolation.

@Lane Powell: the nailgun is not the secret in Ionous’s map. Look down to your right shortly after emerging from the start teleporter, and you’ll see it on a ledge that you can easily fall to.

Struggling with Sewage Farm (jam7_khreathor). After I kill all the zombies with vore-balls, I assume the door in the zombie room is meant to open – but it doesn’t. What am I missing?