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Forum thread for mexx10

Unregistered user “Quaker” posted:

Very close to mexx9 in quality, i.e. excellent, although it’s shorter (2 maps this time). Combined they’d be the best free releases of '97 - if, of course, it wasn’t for Zerstorer. But they’re even better than Beyond Belief (possibly third place?).

Unregistered user “gb” posted:

Pointless, brutally hard perma-shotgun fest against base monsters and base monsters with extra HP. Not my cup of tea. Shouldn’t it be like, easy at the beginning and harder at the end? No? Let’s just put in lots of enemies, because we can. Placing monsters in the editor is easy, so show no mercy.

Pounding nails into the wall is more interesting.

Unregistered user “MegaQuake” posted:

This classic release doesn’t deserve that type of commentary!

Unregistered user “hkBattousai” posted:

Very good work. Especially, that security policy change was very interesting. Thanks a lot.

Unregistered user “Fr3n” posted:

Truly awesome pak. The gameplay is challenging at the beginning - but if that scares you away, go buy a diaper. The only complaint I ever had is that it’s entirely possible to complete the mission without destroying cassandra - i.e. it isn’t obvious enough what you need to do to get the “real” ending. But that’s a very minor issue - just rtfm.

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Very strong sense of narrative, which might make the maps feel artificial by the second playthrough, but at the first time around makes for an impressive, cinematic experience.

In the readme the author says he had planned to include “more cutscenes” but was held back by technical restrictions at the time. Well, I’d say it was a blessing in disguise. Currently there is only one mini-cutscene (or at least I have only ever triggered one) and it really adds nothing, while actually interrupting the flow. It is by far the weakest moment of the episode.

I also agree with Fr3n that it is a pity that is possible to play through the entire episode without even being aware of the real “mission” (of which I was indeed unaware until I read Fr3n’s comment; I had to go back and scour both maps to find Cassandra). In fact, I would go one step further: yes, one can “rtfm”, but that should not be necessary – the maps should be self-sufficient in telling their story, and something that is so central to the narrative should have an actual impact on how the map plays out.

Either way, though, this is an incredibly good piece of work.

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Agreed. It’s fine work, but the first time I played this I blew Cassandra up accidentally before even realising the existed, while rocketing the attendant grunts. That destruction should be a hard-earned and rewarding moment. That’s why I give this only four stars.

While I prefer “Penumbra of Domination” due to its longer gameplay time, this surpasses it in terms of quality considerably. It may be just two levels (tech bases), but they are super-polished and have an incredible atmosphere.
The new Enforcers you encounter there are quite tough and can evade a lot of your projectiles. You have to be careful with ammo consumption or you’ll run out of nails/rockets before you need them.
It could have been longer and maybe a bit less difficult (for my taste), but it’s an enjoyable experience after all, so I’ll go for the maximum rating.

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Unregistered user “Simulacrum” posted:

Has anyone else had trouble extracting Pak0.pak?

It says “An unspecified error has occurred”

What are you trying to extract it with? QuArK should do it or one of the dedicated pak tools.

Unregistered user “Simulacrum” posted:

I meant just extracting the Pak from the zip file, in order to install it. It extracts the readme file, but not the pak.

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Yeah the native Windows unzipper doesn’t like it. I had to use 7-zip.