A point and brush entity guideline?

Hi, I have a lot of map building experience, but not in Quake 1. I’m using Trenchbroom 2 for a Quake 1, deathmatch/botmatch creation, and there are a number of items you can create under point and brush entities, that I am clueless in. As an example, I’d love to know what a “teleporttrain” is. Is there a resource somewhere that explains the meaning(s) of this large number of map building possibilities? Thanks!

It might be helpfull to take map and open it in Trenchboom.
Some things are a bit kinky to explain in words, but much simpler if you see the example.
Most maps are distributed with bsp and map included.

Another usefull help is Quake Wiki:
Getting started mapping.

I find myself using https://www.quakewiki.net/archives/worldcraft/entity/standard/standard.shtm frequently.

Here is a place to start, although some of the entries are somewhat poorly written: https://quakewiki.org/wiki/Entity_guide

However, it’s missing the misc_teleporttrain - which is the flying spikeball from the end level that is used to telefrag the boss.