AD Nyarlathotep's Sand Castle map location

In arcane dimensions v1.8 i can’t find the map ‘’ Nyarlathotep’s Sand Castle ‘’ in the hub. Looking around various gameplay, everyone enter the map via console command. Is it possible to access the map by finding it in one of the two arcane dimensions hubs?

Go to AD_CHAPTERS hub, then go to the ikwhite themed area - entrance to “Realm of the Enceladus” map, there is a ladder to the left of the entrance arch, climb it to get to Nyarlathotep’s Sand Castle entrance portal.

Found, Thank you!

Same problem, I can’t find a normal entrance to ad_lavatomb. Any tips? Thanks in advance

Similar, go to AD_CHAPTERS hub, find Leptis Magna (AD_MAGNA) portal. To the right you will find a ladder that leads to AD_LAVATOMB.