Ad_sepulcher and SP maps HD textures and a lot of vanilla stuff

Little FAQ

Texture packs do not contains duplicated textures and if You see some “SD holes” between HD textures it means You skip something.

To solve just download:

  1. All QRP Texturepacks for Quake and both MP1 and MP2 (
  2. All Texturepacks, created by Talisa, and others, placed into (direct link bottom in thread)
    UPD: mirror for dead here:

  1. All Texturepacks, created by me, placed in this thread.

All texturepacks should store in your /id1/ folder, if other not specified in readme.

For april 2019 all HD textures, packed in .pk3 has amount about 10 Gb (ten), that waste not so many place on modern hdd/ssd drives. Unpacked for Quakespasm about 17 gb.

Texturepack for specific map usually covers all 100% textures, or all visible textures and if You have all above mentioned, You should not see any “holes”.

Please notice!
Several of the Texture Packs contains or consist entirely of ugly textures, created by me and which are not similar to original. If you don’t like them, please don’t use them.

QRP links down.
Thanks Talisa for mirror:

ad_sepulcher (The Forgotten Sepulcher by Henrik Oresten/Simon OCallaghan)
(Part of AD mod)

HD textures

see post #52

Added two fixed textures pak v.1.1

HD texturepak v.1.2 update
Added some missing textures.

Hi, everyone!
Here is Honey HD textures
and his tribute func_mapjam1
and ad_dm5 “the Mire”.
readme inside.

Newer version available:
see post #44

ad_sepulcher HD textures v.1.2 fullfile:

Newer version available:
see post #52

ad_sepulcher update v1.31
Added the Boglord`s door texture.

Newer version available:
see post #52

Hi, quaddicted!
Here is Honey hd texturepack v.1.1 update.

Newer version available:
scroll down for it

Hi, all!

HD textures for AD (Arcane Dimensions) maps:

ad_ac - Arcane Adamintine (Dmitry Svetlichny/Simon OCallaghan)

(53 Mb)

ad_s1m1 - Slipgate Conundrum (Simon OCallaghan)

39 Mb

Here is ad_ac & ad_s1m1 update to full version:

10 Mb



HD textures for masterpiece map apsp2 “Plumbers carry shotgun”
by Andrew ‘than’ Palmer:

30 Mb

Only for historical purpose!

This HD textures pack (based on Moon [Drunk] textures) for ikbase-themed maps

Redme inside!!!

(77 Mb)



New version available:
scroll down for it


This is HD texturepak for dark-atmosphered gmsp3tw “Day of the Lords” map by Howard “GlassMan” Shaw

(40 Mb)

  • update in post #38
  • lit in post #61

For a long time I avoided this maps by reason of dark and ugly start map.
Finally, I didi it.
Travail mission hd texture pak done. Soon I`ll share a file.

Hi, quaddicted!

Here is Travail by distrans, Scragbait, negke, Preach, aguirRe, Asaki
HD texturepak.(v.1.0)

This pak also covers blue oum4 map (rest HD tex for amazing OUM maps some upper, aka ikBase textures :wink:
It covers machinery in map warpb of incredible Warp spasm to.

It`s 600 megs and over 600 textures in amount(!)

Travail HD textures v. 1.2 update (06.2020)

(48 Mb)

Here is Tabun`s enforcer for Travail.
Usual, blue, and now in red! (Reskinned by Talisa)

8 Mb


=Jakub`s textures is highly recommended insted of mine=

Hi, all!

HD texturepack for Travail little prequel Grendel`s Keep
by Distrans:

32 Mb

Rubicon HD (First one) by John “metlslime” Fitzgibbons
if you please

There is newer version

scroll down for it

Warp spasm HD
by ijed

(70 Mb)


scroll down for it.

His Majesty Rubicon The Second by John “metlslime” Fitzgibbons & czg


There is newer version.

look at post #98


Talisa’s Pyro playing
Dred HD

6 Mb

Project done for 95%

Hi, comunity!
Need some help.
here texture (jf2plat08_tx49.tga) from telefragged map. I dont recognise what described on it


Hard to tell but it looks like “reliquary”. John Fiztgibbons made those textures I think. He’s the admin at func_msgboard.

Looks more like “relinquery” to me.