Alkaline Jam!

Well, it’s here: the ALKALINE JAM release!
Alkaline’s NEW, updated website!

This is the first jam involving the Alkaline mod development kit. A total of 10 entries were submitted, including the following:

“Alkaline Jam Start” by Bal & Greenwood

“Base Rush” by Myki
“Derelict Freighter” by Paul Lawitzki (textures by ptoing)
“Escape!” by alexUnder
“Logistics of Chaos” by EmeraldTiger
“North Central Positronics” by DragonsForLunch
“Subaqueous Requiscat” by Shadesmaster
“Subdural Havoc” by Greenwood
“Sunken Hopes” by Ionous & Chris Holden
“Superportal” by Daizenzetsu
“Tell Me It’s Raining” by RadiatorYang

In addition, an extra pack containing Shademaster’s map’s external textures can be downloaded here:

Installation of Alkaline Jam is quite simple!

• Unzip the downloaded package and drag the folder marked “alkjam” into your the main folder where Quake is installed.

• Launch the game.

• Press the escape key to bring up the console (or the tilde key if already in game).

• Type “game alkjam” (no quotations).

• If done correctly, the Alkaline Jam menu screen will appear. Start the game!

It is recommended to play Alkaline with Quakespasm or one of its offshoots (Quakespasm Spiked or vkQuake).

NOTE: A few maps might be in BSP2 format, due to size/complexity.
Experimentation with other source ports might yield mixed results.

And what is it?

"In addition, an extra pack containing Shademaster’s map’s external textures can be downloaded here:

There are only two funny pictures inside the pack: badderRandy.tga, tacoMonster.tga

Cool! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the release!

Holy shit, the Lieutenants don’t fuck around!

I see you guys implemented Seven’s Spike Fix (Nailgun Projectiles Fix), which is a fix I have been using myself.

I have come across Warren Marshall’s map, The Hell That’s Coming (, which has the Ogres and the Zombies highly z-aware, and the modification really caught my eye. I wanted to add to Marshall’s progs.dat Seven’s fix, so I decompiled the progs.dat, edited in the fix in the weapons.qc file:

launch_spike (self.origin + self.view_ofs + v_up * -8 + v_right*ox, dir);

then recompiled, yet Seven’s fix doesn’t take effect.

Can you tell me what am I missing? I would rrrealy love to play the simple custom maps with Marshall’s highly z-aware monsters and Seven’s fix!

Hi, I Like Quake

Can You implement “MWHEELDOWN” “impulse 12” into progs.dat?

Hi. Are you referring to binding the command “impulse 12” to the key MWHEELDOWN?
If so, you can just use the bind command.

Unfortunately it is well known lack of some old mods and simply binding doesn’t work. Well, if You able to reconstruct progs.dat it gave me an idea to ask You for some help.

When you make a bind be sure to put the command between quotation marks if it consists of several words. If for some reason the mod doesn’t support that particular command, “impulse 12” – switching through weapons backwards, then you can try a workaround, a bind script using aliases. I can provide you with that, if that’s what you’re after – a key bind to switch through the weapons backwards. Just let me know.

Hm, show me that trick, please. I want to try it with this at the beginning

Yeah, it seems that in OUM, “impulse 12” doesn’t take effect.
Alright, so here’s the script:

alias switchb “switch8”
alias switch8 “impulse 8; alias switchb switch7;”
alias switch7 “impulse 7; alias switchb switch6;”
alias switch6 “impulse 6; alias switchb switch5;”
alias switch5 “impulse 5; alias switchb switch4;”
alias switch4 “impulse 4; alias switchb switch3;”
alias switch3 “impulse 3; alias switchb switch2;”
alias switch2 “impulse 2; alias switchb switch1;”
alias switch1 “impulse 1; alias switchb switch8;”
bind MWHEELDOWN switchb

Copy-paste it in your .cfg file and you’re good to go.

Yes it works, some weird of course, scrolling down thru ‘no weapon’ but works. Otherwise, thanks for such simple decision. By the other hand, if it is possible progs.dat reconstructing it is I welcome!

Other thing I found new versions QSS with /localization/ enabled corrupting custom conchars.lmp. And treatment for it just removing mod’s custom conchars.

/Sorry Greenwood for offtop/

Yeah, you get “NO WEAPON” message when you don’t have the intermediary weapon(s), I overlooked that.

I don’t know how to modify the .qc files to implement the “impulse 12” command.

I only know about the Spike Fix from here:; and I used fteqccgui.exe to decompile/recompile. I looked around the .qc files but I don’t know QuakeC so I don’t really understand the code.

Alternate models that can be used in ALKALINE and ALKALINE JAM.

[quote=Andrew]Alternate models that can be used in ALKALINE and ALKALINE JAM.[/quote]Without comparison screens it’s unclear how much models are alternative-improved. Just lookin’ at the screens is not enough - at least in my personal case

The screen shots in my post in the amount of 6 pieces show alternative models. If you ran the modification of ALKALINE, you would immediately see the differences. You can also look at the models in the “progs” folder. The differences in the models of ammo boxes and medkits can be seen without comparison with the original.


Anyone adopting unofficial enemy models will not experience the new “pain skin” damage progression feature introduced in the Jam edition. Adding unofficial content might result in errors or possibly a crash during gameplay.

Alkaline made a conscious decision to keep models at an original, lower polygon level for both overall consistency and aesthetic reasons.

Dear Greenwood I saw that a pain skin appeared in the Alkaline Jam models and took this into account. Models with a pain skin have the addition "_alt"in the name. In the alternative models presented by me, there are two variants of models for both Alkaline and Alkaline Jam.

Alkaline’s NEW, updated website!

Excellent presentation, neat and minimalist, although with a sense of completion.