Alternate models for ALKALINE+JAM

Alternate models that can be used in ALKALINE and ALKALINE JAM.

I partially used models from Q2021 and my weapon developments with corrected errors and geometry when converting from MD5 to MDL.

Download link revision 1.2

Link to screenshots:


I propose that this pack would be better labeled as “alternate” rather that “improved” models, considering that they were not part of the original creator & team’s vision and imply that they are superior to the ones provided.

In addition, Alkaline has optional modern MDL pickups that frequently were used by the mappers involved in the pack. These BSP alternatives might supersede those and are typically used for select source ports for Quake in the first place.


No problem! I’ll correct the title.

Just choose the models that you like.

I don’t like the angular ogre models. First, I replaced two ogre models from Quake 1.5 (excluding the model with two chainsaws). They have a larger number of polygons, are more rounded, but are similar to the original. I also don’t like the standard model of a soldier and I inserted a model from AD. As a result, I replaced a lot of things with more highly polygonal models.

Highly polygonal models of ammo, medkits and exploding boxes work great in the QSS engine, because I converted them from MD3 to MDL. I made a post about this earlier. See the link below.

Well, just because a model has more polygons doesn’t necessarily make for a better looking model IMO, but to each their own. However, a couple in your pack are downright bad replacements, specifically the player model. Alkaline uses the Zerstörer player model due to the chainsaw included in the weaponry. Things simply will not work correctly with a standard player model that lacks those frame animations.

In addition, you replaced the belt of invisibility with DoE’s anti-gravity belt, which has a different skin (the one I created for Alkaline has a different fullbright color scheme and belt logo that differentiates it from that one). Also the view model for the axe doesn’t match the world model, which is the HD standard one from the authentic model pack. This might be confusing for Alkaline maps where you start off lacking any weapons.

Regardless, do whatever makes you happy. I appreciate you changing the name, albeit still including “improved” in parentheses. :slight_smile:

I appreciate and respect your work! OK, I’ll correct the topic name again. :slight_smile:

OK, friend! You convinced me and I removed the player model. However the inverted gun in the hands replacing the chainsaw model looks ridiculous and the model and its animation will be visible only in multiplayer. :slight_smile:

I also added a skin from “Alkaline” to the invisibility belt. I really like this model very much.

As for replacing the standard model of the axe: the model of the axe made of a piece of iron with bolts and nuts in my pack is very suitable for the urban levels from “Alkaline” (if someone does not like the replaced model of the axe, then simply erase the file " v_axe. mdl “from the"progs” folder).

I repeat once again: I offer for review the models that I use in the game myself. And I like models with a lot of polygons and good textures. If someone does not like any of the models, then just delete it from the folder (maps or progs) and play.

Download link revision 1.1

There is a saying: Every person is a blacksmith of his own happiness!
Create and be happy, otherwise life will be boring and gray!

PS: Please note that the models “m_h25. mdl” and “m_h100.mdl” in the original “pak0.pak” from “ALKALINE” have very offset textures relative to their geometry. This has been going on for a long time and no one wants to correct them. )))

From Russia with love! Have a nice day! :slight_smile:

I can also offer you slightly improved models of first-aid kits and cartridges in terms of geometry, which were offered to me by a user with the nickname “Innsmouthian”. These models do not change the style of the game, but they look better than the original cubes. Do not take monsters and items from the file “pak2.pak”, use only files from the "maps"folder.

Download link:

Here is a link to his topic:

Hi, Andrew!

I just wanted to say that I do like that more modern, utilitarian model for the axe. It fits better with the general theme.
I believe that I remember seeing this before in some Team Fortress HD pack somewhere a while back.

Anyway, we’ve made a g_model for it & I’ve already reskinned the green bits to a traditional red.
I think we might just use it the next version! :slight_smile:

Offhand, do you recall where you acquired that from?

Hi, friend!

I suggest you to consider some more interesting urban models of weapons. I have roughly written in parentheses what these models are and where they come from. The archive also contains a description of where the model of the axe was taken.

With best wishes!

Now alternate models (revision 1.2) also can be used in ALKALINE JAM (with a pain skin).


  1. Hooray! The model of the axe proposed by me has found its application in modification!
  2. A big omission of the developers of the modification is that there are no models of the heads of both ogres in helmets (in my assembly I replaced it with the head of h_ogreb, but it only has a mask without a helmet, it’s sad).
  3. Why was it necessary to change the previously used high-quality model of the dog to the original terrible model?

Download link revision 1.2 … sp=sharing