Alternative HD models of medkits, ammo and exploding boxes 02.03.2023


I finally have the time and the desire to do what I’ve wanted for a long time. For several weeks I have been recycling alternative HD models of medkits, ammo boxes from “Dark Places” for QSS engine that I posted on the forum last year.

All 8-bit textures have been redesigned, the geometry of some models has been fixed. Added glow-in-the-dark effects like in the original game. I used a different graphics editor that allowed me to minimize image noise when converting textures from 24 to 8-bits. Additionally, I changed these models and textures in the “Arcane Dimensions” and “Copper” modifications. Unfortunately, external textures cannot be used in the 25-medkit and mega health, because they have frame-by-frame animation enabled.

Exploding boxes in the main game and modifications of “Copper” normally run only the original BSP format. I used the “Authentic” model. The modification “Arcane Dimensions” uses a model in MDL format, which I reworked from the model of the mega first aid kit “Quake Enhanced”.

In many models, integrated BMP 8-bit textures are not much worse than external JPG 24-bit textures. The difference is visible only in the dark with the glow of the red indicators. In integrated BMP 8-bit textures all bright pixels are removed and incorrect colors are replaced.

Thanks to Madfox who provided me with information about the color palette and transparency of pink, which helped me understand which colors need to be replaced when converting images.

P.S.: I would be very grateful if someone would share information on how to connect external textures to models with frame-by-frame animation. All my attempts to rename texture files ended in failure, I just don’t understand how to do it.

Download link:

In the attachment is a comparative table of MD3 models from “DarkPlaces”, which are converted to MDL with 512x512 textures and glow, as in the original models of the game. The MDL extension of the models was renamed BSP to work in the “maps” folder on the “QSS” engine. The screenshot is large and it can be enlarged:

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