Alternative soundtracks

As good as the original NIN and even the Jeehun Hwang tracks were, they do - for some people - have a tendency to get worn out from playing numerous custom levels that don’t offer any music replacements of their own.

Now I’ve only been addicted to Quake for a few weeks, but since I happened upon the splendor of some custom maps/campaigns, I knew I’d have to find new music to further enhance the atmosphere and keep the experience as fresh as can be. So far, the Quake 64 soundtracks fits really well, and made Zerstorer so much more creepy than it already was. I’m also considering using Quake II 64’s music, though it is slightly different, it could probably work. After that, I’ll really have to do some digging through my music library. Karl Sander’s Egyptian-themed ambient music occasionally works pretty well, ‘Dying Embers of the Aga Mass SSSratu’ does well for epic sized levels, which in my case was ‘The Marcher Fortress’.

Any other suggestions for alternative music?

If you are a big fan of the original Quake soundtrack, and even the N64 music (I also thought the N64 tracks were very moody, if only lacking the grit of the NIN ones), then I suggest the Quake official mission pack soundtracks. Get the .oggs here:

  • they can be placed in your Quake/mod/music folder and will play automatically in Quakespasm.

If you haven’t already played the mission packs I highly recommend them. Only $5 on steam. The level design is a level above the original id maps, and in some cases there are some amazing vistas, and epic castle designs. The music is far more “rock” based, but still extremely gothic and moody on most tracks.

If you like the the original NIN tracks check out some of the stuff here. I feel a lot of it has the same atmospheric grimey creepy feel that the original music has.

I only found out about this through another thread here.

I’m a composer and I’ve already made a custom soundtrack for Map Jam 9 (used in the secret map). I’ve only had good feedback so far. Actually I made two but the second one was a library/copyist monks ambience that wasn’t used AFAIK. I’m planning on making more that will later be released as an album. I’ll post a link when it’s done but don’t expect it very soon.

Otherwise, I recommend Xolve’s music that he released with his Epsilon build. It’s really good and fits Quake almost as well as NIN, though it’s a bit different. I really DO NOT recommend Sonic Mayhem’s stuff (forgot if it was released with MP1 or MP2): it’s a very generic mix of uninspired industrial metal and cheap orchestral synth. Classless and boring.

Sonic Mayhem did Quake II (along with its mission packs) as well as Q3 Arena. SoA/DoE is credited to Jeehun Hwang, actually.

Sonic Mayhem’s stuff for Quake is ‘Methods of Destruction’ (an audio CD intended as an alternate soundtrack) but that’s unofficial, hard to come by and not known by many.

@spirit Thanks for this link. For whatever reason I don’t recall this album at all and I was pretty much glued to my computer for any Quake news back then. Unless I have the actual CD and didn’t care for it and it’s just resting in my CD book.