Anyone know any map or mappack that use the textures of the episode 2?

I’m wanting to play a map or
mappack that has the textures
and that red arch at the exit
and entry of the map that is
typical of the second episode
of quake. thank you to
anyone who can help.

Try some of

That’s a lot of “wizard” maps! A few that come to mind:

J. F Gustafsson is an oldschool (late 90s) author with plenty of maps in this style such as “Far Beyond Reality” or the episode “Black,” or you might want to try some of Steve Rescoe’s stuff from the same time (“Drakopf” for example). “The Elektra Complex” is another map that seems directly inspired by id software’s e2m5: The Wizard’s Manse.

For newer stuff, I’d check out Tyrann’s “Moonlit Assault” and Glassman’s “Day of the Lords,” inspired by id software’s e2m2: The Ogre Citadel (new textures though). I also made some e2-style maps in the second episode of “Soul of Evil,” such as soe2m5, basically directly inspired by id’s e2m5.

Another episode DEFINITELY worth checking out for this is Fat Controller’s “Otranto” episode, with a very e2 vibe. You might want to check out my medieval maps list:
If you haven’t played Scourge of Armagon, its episode 2 is kind of like id’s episode 2: medieval wizard style stuff.