Arcane Dimensions Save File Compatibility

I recently discovered Arcane Dimensions. It’s amazing, and I’m thrilled. I also recently discovered that 1.7 is not the latest release… I’ve made all of my progress on an older version…

Are save files not compatible between AD versions? I copied them over, but unsurprisingly receive errors upon loading. I can think of plenty of reasons why they wouldn’t be compatible, but without knowing more about quake’s save file format offhand I’m not sure if it’s ridiculous to even ask or not.

It’s difficult to believe this hasn’t come up before, but my searches keep turning up zero.

Thank you!

There are changes in version 1.8.1, so the save files do not work. But “AD” is a modification that, for example, I have climbed up and down many times, especially some unique maps. Therefore, do not worry, you yourself will want to replay many maps more than once.