Arcane Dimensions Secrets Guide

Just wondering if there’s any interest or need for a classic secrets guide for Arcane Dimensions? I’m a little late to this party, having just discovered Arcane Dimensions a few months ago, totally fell in love with it and now I’m about to start my 2nd play-through but this time i want to get 100% on all the levels. I know I can just watch youtube videos, but I was thinking since I’m going to play through the entire mod 100% maybe I could just compile a guide to all the secrets as I go? I’m talking about the style where you have a single screenshot of the location of each secret with a couple lines of text describing it. Personally I don’t want to watch entire play-throughs of the maps just to get all the secrets but at least if I create this guide no one else will have to. Unless it already exists? I looked around and couldn’t find anything.

That sounds awesome and I am not aware of anything like that. My attempts in gathering interest in doing such things were mostly fruitless (apart from nonickname’s sweet contributions). Check out these for inspiration:

Ideally Quaddicted had some kind of integrated pages for this but I don’t see that happening without outside help. So I’d recommend adding them on QuakeWiki. No idea how to nicely name the pages in a structured way considering that zipfile names can not be considered unique.

This is terrific info thanks so much! These are great examples. I’ll look into putting this onto quake wiki in a similar format. Thanks again!