Arcane Dimensions v1.81 vs Epsilon Build. Which one to go for?

Greetings L&G, I am new to your forums and I have a specific questions; I would appreciate your help.

I want to start playing Arcane Dimensions and found two files:

-The latest v1.81 release a month ago or so @ 313mb
-A year old version called Arcane Dimensions Epsilon Build which is a whopping 2.4gb

What are the differences, do you know?
Which one to choose? Possibly that’s down to personal preference but which one is more complete (i.e. number of levels, guns etc.)

Any help would be appreciated.

If it’s a year old AD, then it’s probably v1.71 which doesn’t have a few new maps and additions that were added in v1.81.

Epsilon as far as I am aware is some “HD” Quake package (that’s why it’s so big with all these HD textures and stuff), but I don’t use stuff like that.

Epsilon is with HD textures but not working Sepulcher map (one from the best maps for AD). For arcane Dimensions is best quakespasm. Works perfect, looks very nice.

The Epsilon build has HD textures etc. Some people like that stuff but I find it messes with the art style and doesn’t look that good.

v1.81 Is more up-to-date, with two new maps, several existing maps added to the hub and lots of new features, including enemies. I’d recommend 1.81 as the more recent version of the mod, which will be necessary to run external maps made for AD in the future. If you want the Epsilon build, I’d wait for it to be updated.

Epsilon is a third-party project. If you want to pay AD the way it was meant to be played, you better avoid it. But if you don’t care and just want to have fun, give it a try :slight_smile:

Excellent gents, thank you for the recommendations. I will get right to it!