Arcane Dimensions

Hi, I am having problems trying to get AD to run… It loads but every time I shoot a monster it has big pixels around it then the game crashes…
What is an easy way to set the game up. Do I need Q spasm? I’m using Q Darkplaces. Need to know where I put the files etc.

The best way to get AD running is to download version 1.5, update it with ad_sepulcher (overwriting the old files) and use the new version of Quakespasm that is linked to on the ad_sepulcher page. :slight_smile:

Ok I have downloaded all s file folders of those mentioned (version 1.5, ad_sepulcher, Quakespasm) so now where do I put the certain Files? Do I put the version 1.5 in the ad_sepulcher folder or unzip it in there? And then where do I put them in regards to Quakespasm?
Just trying to make sure…

No worries. Getting used to the quirks of Quake can be a little intimidating. It’s all pretty easy though. :slight_smile:

Extract Quakespasm wherever you like
Extract AD 1.5
Extract ad_sepulcher
Place the contents of ad_sepulcher in the AD 1.5 folder (allow overwriting the files)
Place the newly updated AD 1.5 in the Quakespasm folder

Then load AD as you normally would. Look around the map for the updated section. :slight_smile:

To keep things easy when loading new maps in Quake I use this wee launcher:

Just drag the SQL.exe file into your Quake folder and run it. Choose the maps you want from the drop down boxes. No more command lines, BAT files and shortcuts. :slight_smile:

Hope that’s all clear enough for you. Remember, if you mess something up, it’s not the end of the world. You can always just start again. :slight_smile:

Ok thanks I’ve done that. It’s saying wont load gfx.wad. So where do I put it in my Q directory? or do I make a short cut of something? (Not in Darkplaces directory right?) and also it say when I unpack into contents into AD 1.5 folder if I wont to merge files before the overwritting them, do I merge them too?
Cheers, shouldn’t take too much effort

Ok I got all of it working. I had to download the newest version of Darkplaces for it to work. The mouse movement seems a little different and not as smooth as it usually is, is that normal on AD?

The newer AD stuff won’t work in Darkplaces. The mouse movement is probably to do with incompatibility. DP is pretty quirky at the best of times. It can look really pretty but it’s not the most faithful engine. :slight_smile:

Hey rangers,
I did not wanted to open a new thread for that: Unfortunately I cannot find an answer after googling:( Does anyone know how to increase the grey/red/green particles from using the weapons? I mean the marks at the wall or enemies when shooting something. I just want to increase them a little bit if thats possible.
Thank you in advance for any hint.