Atlantis by Bruce W. Krueger

I found this rare but impressive quake1 level on my harddisk.
It is from 1998 and was catched on the BBS server back then.
First I thought there was a bug in it, as one transporter is blocked.
I rebuiled it but then came to the opinion it was playable afterall.
So to contribute the author and not interfere with his work here it is.

It has some nice new monsters like a french amazone,
and a nasty prothese as dog that’s rather hard to avoid.

Have fun with it, and if Spirit has some time,
maybe he can add it to the map files.

This is surprisingly decent. I mean, it’s ridiculous, but it’s polished.

WTF is that?!

I am on an internet connection that almost does not deserve to be called a connection at the moment, so uploading things is not fun. I will add this next week!

That robot amazon looks like she has a neckbeard, BTW.

Madfox: Thanks for sharing.