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Quake was a massive fixture in my teens, with my friends and I really getting into deathmatch in a big way. To this day, I have stuff I name after the classic maps, like Grisly Grotto, and my IT career probably started with learning QuakeC.

Came back with the Remastered edition, being blown away by Dimension of the Machine :slight_smile: And then RPS did their Quake Renaissance series and I found this place! So far, in just the last week, after blowing through all of classic, the expansions and the two Machine Games episodes, I’ve done Zerstorer, Beyond Belief and just now Dwell, all on NM, all with the Remastered engine. Dwell in particular… omg, so awesome :slight_smile: Top tier gaming.

No real issues with the Remastered edition - I like that NM now has 50 health max, thats cool (just installed the Copper mod, seems to be the inspiration). Zerstorer was pretty buggy. Dwell worked great but saves started taking multiple seconds around the secret level mark, and some monsters had weird transparency issues. Also the final, final post battle slipgate in Dwell causes a seg fault for some reason.

Next up, Underdark Overbright!

Mmm, didn’t find Night Dive’s remaster all that great; in fact, I would’ve been pretty disappointed with it if there weren’t so much better alternatives. With either Copper Quake or AD you can pretty much get everything Quake has to offer, classic or modern. It seems like, among other things the ‘remaster’ forgot to update some of vanilla Quake’s very outdated special effects; sounds still have that bothersome hiss noise, and of course, the Nailgun still suffers from that awful projectile misalignment. Hopefully there will be future updates that address these issues, but I’m not really looking forward to it.

Welcome! Go play !

Thanks for the kind words about Dwell!

If you’re speaking of the transparent Death Knights, those are actually intended as some sort of “You’re getting deeper into the heart of it” flavor, but most people think it’s a bug so I guess that was a fail :smiley:

Thanks for playing, and I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Death Knights in the later levels (everything after d1m4 - Arrivee de l’etranger - including the secret level) are intentionally transparent. There is one fiend in d1m9 - Vestigial (the secret level) - that’s also transparent, which I’m still not sure is intentional. I saw you mentioned in your review that this happened with vores, which I wasn’t aware of, so if that’s the case maybe there is something else going on.

BTW, Underdark Overbright is awesome and you definitely need to play it.

Ha funny that the transparency was intended - fits with the theme. The vores looked like they would spin in and out of existence, so I did initially think that was a new challenge.

The new Machine Dimension pack was enough to finally convince my brother to co-op with me, and we had a great time with it, that’s enough for me to call it a win. :slight_smile:

I’m getting into Quake again because of Remastered. I’ve had the original in my GoG library for ages (and have gone ahead and set up QSS in order to play some of the awesome third party maps that are around, but for now, I’m enjoying a couple hours a night playing through the original game and the various official expansions.

Honestly, I think that the remastered version is an awesome portal to the world of Quake. It doesn’t really look any better than, say, Quake running in any other modern engine, but it’s zero effort to set up and it comes with the original version on Steam and is free for anybody with Game Pass. Once people have played though the included content, I suspect that many people will have fallen in love with the game that this site will see a traffic spike.