Best DOS Quake compatible maps

Anyone have any suggestions for some really top notch maps that’ll run in DOS quake? I’ve got my old PII Win 9x rig up and running again and would love to play me some Quake on it.

By the way I’ve seen a few people referencing the wiki page on Software vs GL engines lately on various forums. Someone should probably add the Waterwarp difference to that page; for the sake of completeness. It’s the one thing almost NO GL port does correctly.

Most levels from 1996-1998 will work fine in DOS Quake. Just sort the list by date and pick the ones with the best ratings. Later ones might work as well, but you’ll probably have to increase the heapsize and r_maxedges & r_maxsurfs values the further you go in order for the bigger ones to load and run without the occasional grey flashes or disappearing items.

Thank you for the tip negke.
I nevery thought about sorting the list by date and then by rate in addition, if that is possible.
That would result in the olden golden maps :slight_smile: