Best Editor?


Started mapping back in 1997 for Quake, Quake II and Half-Life, never completed any levels but used Worldcraft. Over the years I have returned to mapping every few years (last time was for left4Dead a few years ago). However been drawn back to Quake and Quake II (nostalgia I guess). Really Like Jack as its very much like Worldcraft, however Trench Brook looks very fast?

Question is, what is the best editor?


GtkRadiant 1.4 - carves pretty sharp.

As if you weren’t still using Quark 4.07 :smiley:

I could never quite wrap my head around the old editors. Trenchbroom is much easier to use, very intuitive and has an excellent manual. Plus, should you need any help, the YouTube tutorials by dumptruck_ds are made for TB. Most modern mappers are using it and are on dumptruck’s Quake Mapping Discord.