Big Boy's Birthday Party - singleplayer map

Big Boy is having a birthday party.

You weren’t invited.

This is my first (proper) map, made after a couple of months of learning Trenchbroom. It’s got barrels.

Should take between 15-30 minutes to play.

*A big castle
*11 secrets
*Lots of shortcuts
*More grunts than is prudent



Any and all feedback welcome. Thank you to Greenwood and Mista Heita for testing and encouragement! And everyone else who helped me out when I got stuck. Looking forward to making the next one incrementally better (and much smaller).

this map is pretty cool, and i love many of the ideas put into it, like some of the traps. i also enjoyed the commentary by the protagonist. although, i think that its a little too generous with health towards the start, shells also being a bit too tight. the first boss fight with big boy is also rather unfair unless you know where the super damage is, which you probably wouldnt at first. the final boss fight, even though i feel theres too many other enemies, was pretty solid and i had fun.
i see a lot of potential in you as a mapper, and i look forward to seeing what more you have to offer. keep it up man :smiley:

Thanks so much for playing. I still have a lot to figure out when it comes to spreading out the weapons, ammo, health and encounters, so thank you for the honest thoughts!

I probably could have put the Super Damage in the centre of the table, and placed the key elsewhere, and that way the player would definitely see it plus be incentivised to run right into the middle of the chaos before wailing on everyone. So good notes, thanks!

Thanks so much for mapping!

I immediately found the Quad and toasted the monsters. I personally don’t have a problem with its location. One circling of the room would suffice for the player to catch sight of it.

One thing I wish the map had more of is monsters (on hard). Because it is spacious, open, it allows for groups of monsters to come charging. As it stands I felt I did more walking than fighting (which is not necessarily a minus 'cause I like to sight-see).

The ruin-style end arena was beautiful. A horde fight would have worked really well there.

I loved the lighting and the old-school vibe, and the sky box.

Good map to add to one’s collection.

Fun map, I really enjoyed it! Big Boy on his Birthday Throne is very cute. Great use of traps and tricks. I appreciated the extra health packs at the start since the level wraps around itself and I really needed them when I got back. Thanks!

Thanks! That was exactly what I had in mind with those health kits. I thought of it as a sort of “health hub” that you’d return to a few times. Glad to see it worked for one person at least! :slight_smile: