Bilious Outpost (Speedmap)

Here is my first Quake map created with TrenchBroom, I’d like to get an episode done.

Easy Any%

Nightmare 100%

Package it properly and I will upload it.

Sorry about that. How’s

That’s better but please add at least a rudimentary readme file f14m1.txt :wink:

Alright, done.

Thanks! Uploaded, now we wait for the others to add it to the database :slight_smile:

Is it possible to submit a revision?

With new, unique filenames both outside and inside the zip, sure!

What if I wan’t to replace the earlier version, still required?

Please find the finalised version

Thanks, uploaded! :slight_smile:

Several changes/additions to the map.

Make it a zip and with new filenames and I will upload it.

I forgot about that. Here we go:

Thanks! Uploaded :slight_smile:

Another little update to the outpost:

Here are some videos of me speedrunning the map.

Easy Any%

Nightmare 100%

Thank you f14m3z!