"burnnman" & "slipcomp" -Bruce W. Krueger

yes, my archive breached out another unknown maps of Bruce W. Krueger.
Burnnman, a rather flat lighted level of a collection caravans on a hot terrain.
His sexbot is invited, as walking toilets (yes, a wonderous modeller), viagra updates and other.

I know lots of you will find it hillarious to see this kind of map, but let me remind you it’s 1998.
So don’t ask me what I’ll score it,rather lowedged, but for its own kind it is worth trying.

In his own words: “A Quake conversion level with naked gurlz, killer
toilets, violent hallucinations, da man and viagra.”


So after searching on in my archive (yes, it´s large) I found another one “Slipcomp”.
Also a simple map, that leans on jumping skills which by means of the darkness can be quiet tough.
Already in the beginning I lost touch, but I’ve got the feeling it tends more than it shows on first sight.
A little contribute to this somehow early excentric mapper.



Slipgate Research Complex is actually in the archive: