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turns out, i prefer Beyond Belief.
i’ve replayed BB recently, and this today. in the first few levels, i remember a lot of back-and-forth between areas, with little, if any combat in between. i’ve reduced my rating as well. however, i still enjoyed the later levels, and still deserves praise and a play or two.

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Great episode. Played it again today. Too bad I missed secret level, but for an episode made in 2000, it is really good.

I’m “fed up” with bigger and bigger levels, just in order to push engine limits.

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Very underrated episode, in my opinion deserve 5 stars, very well done levels

Played the first two levels. I don’t get the comparisons to Beyond Belief. BB’s architecture and layout feel purposely off-kilter to me. These levels are much more symmetrical than anything in BB. Visuals are plainer and secrets are easier as well. If the rest of the maps are like the first two, I’ll give this a 4/5–consistently well-crafted but IMO not one of the greats.

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Mike Wilberforce (Hellscrag) really likes small rooms with a river running across the middle and a little bridge!

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Well, this is really very good – I don’t understand how I never came across it before. Back in 2000, when it was released, it would have been wonderful: essentially a whole additional episode for Quake, similar in length, difficulty and feel to the originals.

In 2016, of course, it feels relatively pedestrian: far too easy on Hard, where an astonishing amount of spare ammunition is provided. The brushwork is functional rather then elegant, in the 2000 manner, and the combats lack the variety and creativity of the best modern maps. But there is a substantial piece of work here, fun to blast through, and with enhanced version of some standard monsters that really work well – not least the eponymous Hellscrag.

So even by modern standards I rate this a solid four stars. Well worth playing.

Oh, I never figured out how to open the Nightmare entrance on the start level, even though I pressed the button in the Easy corridor. What did I miss?

I never did find the entrace to the secret level, Lair of Nether Spirits, so I just map des1m8’d my way into it and played through. Most enjoyable, and very much of a piece with the other levels in the pack.

For anyone else trying to find that level the legitimate way, I am pretty sure the entrance is in The Graven Stronghold (des1m4), based on the fact that when I finished the secret level it plonked me into THe Fallen Palace (des1m5).

@Mike – To open the nightmare entrance, one has to visit the easy, medium, and hard sections first. You mentioned the plaque in the easy hallway. The medium and hard sections each have a plaque like that as well (in each case, it’s above the teleport). Shoot all three plaques, and the stone wall in front of the nightmare teleport will disappear.

Ah, nice – thank you!

I verified that this works.

A shame I didn’t find it myself, really, since one of my main criticisms of this pack is that it was too easy. Oh well – I will know for another time.

this is still really fun to play.

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I’m really pleased to read that people are still discovering and enjoying this pack!

Back in the run-up to the release of Descent, I tested it extensively with friends, including in coop and deathmatch mode. Their feedback really helped me to improve the design of the first few maps beyond their most basic first incarnation.

This was not my first single player mapping effort, but it was the first that I released online. Sadly I have lost those early mapping efforts, one or two of which had more ambitious concepts than the first few levels of Descent.


Good to see you here! One of the earlier commenters mentioned that you make Unreal maps. I used to love Unreal back in the day, so I checked them out and thought they were great, especially the Tashara’s Cove pack. I still haven’t finished Descent, but your Unreal maps are superb.

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