Can't get my maps from trenchbroom to load please help

Okay so I just got into quake map editing because i’m very sick right now and there’s not much else i can do and i’ve always wanted to learn level design. So I downloaded darkplaces, qbsp, trenchbroom, and ne_qspcompilinggui and whenever i try to compile my level i get this error in darkplaces “couldn’t exec autoexec.cfg / couldn’t spawn server maps/test.bsp” I really need your guys’s help if you could please help me i’d be so appreciative i have crohns disease and tendinitis in my shoulders bad so i’m in a lot of pain and i’d really like to get to some fun quake level editing :slight_smile:

Hi Winkyjuice

I’m really sorry to hear about your health problems.

I have no experience with necros’s compiling gui and I’m not sure what the “couldn’t exec autoexec.cfg” error is about. Can you run other maps normally?

As for the “couldn’t spawn server [mapname]” message, to the best of my knowledge it means that the engine couldn’t find [mapname].bsp inside id1/maps in your Quake directory.

When you compile your source file (in this case, “”), a bsp file is generated (“test.bsp”). You need to make sure that the bsp file is located in id1/maps. What might have happened here is that your source file is in a directory called, for example, “testmaps”, and that the compiler generated the bsp file within that same directory. In that case you need to move or copy the bsp file over to id1/maps.

Also remember that some engines and operating systems are case-sensitive, so if your map is called “Test.bsp” (with a capital “T”) but your try to launch the game with “+map test” (with a lowercase “t”), you might also get the “couldn’t spawn server” message (depending on which engine/OS you are using). In general it’s best always to stick with lowercase for everything (even if it’s not an issue on your setup, it will ensure that other people who play your finished map don’t have trouble running it).

Also, I would strongly urge you to switch to ( as your primary engine if you’re going to do Quake SP mapping. Mapping for DarkPlaces is bound to result in compatibility issues at some point, as it does things very differently from other engines. Quakespasm is pretty much the de facto standard for Quake SP mapping nowadays.

And for questions like these, it might make more sense to ask over at, in particular the thread. You’ll usually get quicker and more informed answers on technical questions over there.

Hope this helps! And if any of what I have said is inaccurate, hopefully someone more knowledgeable will correct me.

Okay so I went and got darkplaces and still got the error so i think it has to be an issue with the bsp thing i’m using or the gui interface i’m using do you have any suggestions for better programs to use?? So All I have on my computer right now is trenchbroom and darkplaces i deleted the other stuff cause it was pissing me off lol. What programs do I need to launch my map from trenchbroom?

Don’t you mean Quakespasm? Because that’s what I recommended, not Darkplaces. :slight_smile:

Ah, but did you make sure that the bsp file is located in id1/maps? That needs to be the case regardless of which engine you’re using.

I would personally suggest the following programmes:

→ Editor: (which you already have)

→ Compilers:

→ Engine:

There are other options too, depending on personal preference – have a look at You don’t need a compiling GUI; some people prefer it, but once you know how to run the compilers from a command line, it’s pretty simple.

I see you’ve posted your question in the Mapping Help thread on Func_Msgboard too, and that ericw has responded – that’s great; you’re in good hands. :slight_smile: Just follow ericw’s advice and keep asking over there if you’re still having trouble.

Good luck and happy mapping!