Can't use command line to immediately record demo upon startup?

I used to be able to do that, but now it says to me “Can’t record - try again when connected.” Trying to run Back To Gloom Keep.

You might get more help if you say which source port you’re using

^Latest vkquake.

You might get more help if you share the commandline you’re using

Anyways, the answer is to put the record command last. The commands are executed in order.

Sorry, am mildly new at this. -hipnotic -game quoth +skill 3 +map e1m5quoth +record B2GK. “-hipnotic” as per quoth’s page instructions.

-quoth +skill 3 +record B2GK e1m5quoth
Works in vanilla, but I think you’re right in that it used to work the other way as well.
“-hipnotic” is outdated, modern ports allow “-quoth” instead. It was only used for HUD anyway, I’m pretty sure.

Looks like my suggestion was wrong, sorry.

Good engines support automatically recording all the time :)))

^^Hey, that works. Thanks. I didn’t know -hipnotic was outdated, interesting. No HUD bugs?
^What engine do you use, Spirit? I wouldn’t mind automatic recording.

Never mind about my question on HUD bugs. I looked into it, and since I use the most minimal HUD and no statusbar alpha, this never made a difference to me ever. Time to remove all -hipnotic entries.