celephais.net DNS record is broken, don't worry

If you currently cannot reach the func_msgboard, don’t worry. It is just some misconfiguration on the DNS record. You could edit your hosts file to include the line “ celephais.net” if you are desperate like me. Otherwise just take a break until metl fixes it.

I was wondering what was up with that.

Yeah - I wonder how long Func will be down for. I’m so used to looking at it. Im glad you put this news on Quaddicted, or I’d still be none the wiser.

thanks for the heads up, spirit. :slight_smile:

Ta much, for the heads up.

Good to know msgboard is still up and running, thx for the info :slight_smile:

I was wondering what’s happening to Func, or else where I could show my projects once(if ever) finished ?!
Surely there’s the great Quaddicted alive&well but Func is part of Quake history and tradition.

func is back now but only if you use celephais.net without www.


I’m sorry for the necropost, wrong thread.

To the Chamber of Torment with you!

I cannot reach Func these last few days. I got all excited when I saw this thread here, but it turns out that this is an ancient thread. Anyone else currently unable to Func?

Spirit, I am ready to accept whatever punishment i deserve. Show me the way.

RickyT23, I am in the same situation, that’s why i posted in here before i noticed i was necroposting. This thread seems to be the second web page google shows when i put ‘‘celephais Quake’’.

Ricky, didn’t you read the announcement? Metl pulled the plug because there was too little activity to justify the costs. So we’re migrating to quakeone.com now!

It was a cost thing? Metl should have posted about it, I am sure something could have been done. Why move to quakeone.com, why not quaddicted.com instead?

On serious note, why not take this opportunity to move everyone to quaddicted.com instead? All the maps and data is here, the forums work perfectly fine and there are plenty of forum features here including editing of posts. See if you can import the data to here? Maybe take this opportunity to merge all the useful info into the wiki? Let some people sieve through the func threads picking out all the useful stuff? Just create the basic forum groups here? Maps, modelling, code, progs etc.

Personally I would prefer to have quaddicted.com as my new func home than quakeone.

Don’t listen to negke, he was making an awful joke. :wink:

func is down because of an attack on another service that was provided by the same server. SleepwalkR is working on getting it back online and there really is nothing to worry about (except for the twitchy hands from detox).

Thanks for the kind words! :slight_smile:

I actually quite like func’s setup much more than usual forums (except for not being able to edit posts for some quick fixing sometimes). It’s focus on “one thread for one broad topic” is nice IF you are a member that follows all of it. Otherwise I guess it is very confusing. I get utterly confused each time I visit the sauerbraten/cube forums. I had these forums (on Quaddicted) setup in a similarly looking way but they are always a ghosttown so recently I reverted back to a more normal layout to ease the pain on forum updates.

I find the func forums old and awkward to use with its different HTML tags and lack of editing.

If you want to do something with these forums then you need to get people talking here about stuff. Where are the sticky threads for screenshots and stuff like that? Why not get people talking about maps, create a thread every week linked to a past Quake map in the database and allow people to try it, talk about it and discuss it. The comments section linked to maps always feels isolated to me. You have this vast database of maps but there is never a spotlight shinning on it.

nooo, i love the simplicity of the func forums!

spirit, re: these forums, they are kind of redundant with func. any map releases mentioned here will be on func too and that’s where all the discussions will be. i think sock has the right idea, you’d need to capitalize on what quaddicted has-- vast amounts of content.

[quote=Spirit]func is back now but only if you use celephais.net without www.


This advice is still valid with current down time. Just tried it, and it works!