Changing the user ratings

I would like to remove all the hearts and move the user ratings to the editor rating system:
Excellent, Nice, Average, Poor, Crap instead of 5 to 1 hearts.


Of course it would mean that this was applied retroactively.

An additional idea would be to display a user rating histogram on the map pages, like the ones eg Amazon shows:

I added the display of the user’s rating on the comments, if you do not like this, please say so.

No, please do not change the hearts! They at least feel more vague and therefore more flexible than descriptive ratings, even though they also give only five options. Plus, they help to distinguish user ratings further from the editor’s rating, which is important, since the latter strives for greater objectivity. Plus, I love how they aesthetically tie in with the site’s header/logo – which is brilliant, by the way (please do not change the header either: it’s one of my favourite things about this site – apart from the great content, of course).

A user rating histogram is a nice idea, though.

I <3 the hearts too, you can distinguish ratings visually which is the fastest and most convenient way
But the new plan sounds good aswell