Chaotic Trinity question

Brilliant mod by Sock with tons of reply value both within the test map
and many others. As the jump boots appear in the test map I was
wondering whether there was a way to spawn the boots in other maps?
Does socks map use the AD prog.dat to install the boots in the map?
If so can we spawn the boots in other AD maps?
Forgive if I’ve got a flimsy grasp on the technical side here.



The jumping boots are a part of Arcane Dimensions 1.80 release, so yes, they are coded in AD1.8’s progs.dat.

I’m not sure how to ‘spawn’ them, but you can get it by using commands:

developer 1
impulse 249

This however gives you “endless” Jumping Boots cheat (maximum level, 4), using which you can make more than just double-jump.


That’s exactly what I was after Gila - many thanks.