Check out a n00bs very first map!

Well, I guess I could say I’m pretty new to Quake culture (first year interacting with other players). I never knew that there was this huge subculture of die-hard fans, and I have to say, I love this game. I decided to make my first DM map, so where else could I put it? I dunno how to post maps here (or if you even can), so I’m just going to put a mediafire link here to it.

Yes, I know, the lighting sucks, but what do you expect from a beginner?

Doesn’t require anything else but the full game, and maybe a boost in your game brightness.

It’s a simple deathmatch map that is symmetrical on two axis, and is designed for about 2-4 players.

Big thanks to Kinn, FifthElephant, Bloughsburgh, and everyone else on func_msgboard for helping me understand what the hell I was doing!


Well it seems to load in Darkplaces just fine.

Interesting comcept with the lower level halls and plats. Seems the only way to the very top walkways are via rl jump?

You could probably expand on the idea of the halls in the lower level and make them go back further on the upper levels and
also give them plats that bring us up tot he higher ones, or a maze of slopes that lead up to those higher levels, with some spaces for open combat with some pickups such as a ring or pent.

What about some liquids?

All in all seems pretty decent for a first map.

Oh and for lighting, while I didnt see much problems, you can also make a .lit file to enhance things a bit and maybe
balance it out.

There is a program here that can make them:

It will do entire bsp’s in single folders pretty fast.

The only drawback I saw sometimes is that if your map has slightly off red or green colors for slime, it seems to pick a base color,
rather than trying to closely match the actual brush color, but all in all, it really does make the lighting look lots better.

Thank you for the feedback!

And yes, you are supposed to rjump to the top walkways. The idea behind how that works out is a tradeoff of better ground for health. Thought it would be an interesting mechanic.

I do know how to light now (sort of). I use tyrutils, so I just used dirt to light the map evenly, and give it some definition. I’m working on a new map right now, and I’m going to properly light it.

Also, what do you mean by slime being colored weird? I haven’t put any slime in my map. If you put it there yourself, I wonder how you edited the map when it’s just a .bsp

Slime and Lava, in regard to the .lit utility I posted. Some 3rd party maps have slightly off tint red and green color for their slime contents, and the util seems to have a fixed red and green color when lighting the areas near that kind of contents. that was the only drawback I sent back to the author when I tested it years ago.

Seems like a very basic concept with a cruel lack of details but as a first map, it’s OK I guess. You might want to ease off on the symmetry, it’s often not very interesting in terms of design and one needs to be a master mapper to pull it off. Also, modern engines can withstand much more complex architectures so don’t hesitate to add details: eye candy keeps it from being visually boring and can offer new routes and/or strategies if carefully placed. How’s your second map going BTW?