Citadel v3.0 for Quake II released

Hello everyone! I know this forum is dedicated to the original Quake, however some of you may be interested in a new Quake II single-player unit. Citadel is an old-style unit made up by nine maps (eight regular levels and a secret level) featuring a wide range of entities from Ground Zero, The Reckoning, Zaero and Lazarus, along with completely new entities. This is the final version of a long-standing project that I started over a decade ago, releasing v1.0 in 2007 and v2.0 in 2009. Enjoy!

Download “Citadel” for Quake II (34 MB)


Can someone give me instructions on how to run Knightmare from quake2.exe so I can play the game with Knightmare? I have no idea how to do it myself, so I’d appreciate some help.

I am working together with the author of Knightmare to make Citadel fully compatible with the custom engine. I will notify when the new version is available.

Version 3.1 with full Knightmare compatibility is now available. I’ve updated the file, so the download link has not changed:

Also, for those who are interested, the source code of kmq2gamex86.dll is available for download (courtesy of Knightmare)


Brilliant work, Andrea! Citadel is AWESOME!!! The new weapons are a sensational addition!! Is there any way you could come up with a weapons only add-on to the original Quake? AND…Can you make a sequel to Citadel?

…I meant Quake 2…not the original Quake. :smiley:

That was just awesome!!!
It clearly shows how much effort you put into this. Its even better than original campaign.
Thank you very much for sharing your work.

Great map pack Andrea.
For those who like Quake2 SP maps should also play “The Powersphere Quest” by Cedar Kraus: