Contaminated Caverns

Howdy there! This level is a student project from Breda University of Applied Sciences.

In this level, you have to fight your way through the monster-ridden sewers of a medieval castle. As you climb your way up through the sewage tunnels, the narrow spaces become more open and the unsettling atmosphere gradually turns more exhilarating as the larger environments allow for bigger battles.

Hope you like the little twist in the end :slight_smile:

Any feedback is well appreciated!


Not bad at all. I liked going down the caverns and then back up, gave a nice little dramatic arc to the level. I noticed some good sound effect use to sell that I was in a cavern/sewer. I think switching up your texture use in some more spots would have helped even more - as it is, there is a lot of that single blue/grey texture throughout.

Also, its my opinion that its better to have too much ammo than not enough. This is a shooting game after all, we’re here to shoot. :stuck_out_tongue: I think the beginning of the level could use just a couple more ammo boxes laying around. I found myself dangerously low on ammo at several spots, even running out once, and I don’t think I miss * that * many of my shots. haha

Only found 1 of 4 secrets, they seem very well hidden! The one I found (the elevator) was very clever, I liked it a lot.

The ending of the level was great. I normally do not enjoy being locked in a room with waves of enemies but this one felt frantic and fair. I liked the doors opening to reveal more enemies, ammo, and health. I also got lucky by telefragging a fiend on the last wave. It shows that you put a lot of work into that setpiece and I think it payed off.