I finally managed to actually build binaries for my hobby project CuteInjector started back in 2014.

It’s an alternative to QuakeInjector written in C++/Qt and doesn’t require Java, just extract and run.

The app is feature incomplete, but can download, extract and run maps from the site.

Very cool! I will have to try this. :))

I am new here. Alternatives are always a win. Thanks a lot

To follow the Quake tradition, you should have named it QuteInjector…

Is this beeing further developed or is it the final version?
If so, is a release date for a new version in discussion?

I managed to compile it (would be great to add this to the readme: “needs qt5-webengine, then cd src; qmake && make” or something) but it fails with an error dialog when I try to select a map. See

Would you be interested and capable of actively developing it? The Quake Injector is a burden that hinders progress on Quaddicted becoming more capable and I would love to ditch it completely. But for that we would need a worthy successor. It would involve lots of restructuring.

I would prefer Python as I know it but we’ll take whatever is possible :wink: megaman once worked on but we never managed to get it going (I take the blame).

Spirit I’m not sure if you are aware that the current version of Mark V has Quake Injector “built-in”. Type install and the correct map name and the archive is downloaded and installed. I know that Baker wants to eventually add a GUI to this and there are some limitations. Anyway this may be another option for you. I know it’s limited to one source port but perhaps it could be added to Quakespasm, QS-Spiked, FTEQW and other popular ports as well.

Something to consider.

I know and it makes it even harder :frowning:

As maps and mods can require certain features and that is not modelled in, this can only lead to a okish result. I hope they can make it a library or something.