Deprecating unregistered posting/rating/commenting etc

Due to upcoming changes it will no longer be possible to:

  • post in the forums
  • rate maps
  • comment on maps

without being logged in with a registered account.

The new forum has no option for unregistered posts.

I am really sorry about this. Keeping the interaction options so open has worked tremendously well and the community has not abused the trust given to it.

If this is an issue for you, contact me and we will find a way.

I plan to force registered accounts in the existing system in the very next days so that the migrating process is easier to manage.

Small price to pay and I’m sure for those that want otherwise there’s an answer. I am getting excited to see what’s cookin’!

Yup no problem with this at alll.

Don’t expect much =)
First it is just switching the forum and using it for the comment/rating system. Some things (aggregate ratings etc) will be broken for a while…

This should be live now, hopefully I didn’t forget anything.

There`s no way to comment maps on their homepages. It is for me only or it is under construction? (There is no button “Post message”) Spirit help me, please!

Who needs a button anyways!

Sorry about that, should be fixed now.