Devotion - first Quake map

Hi everyone!

I am a second-year level designer studying at BUAS. I made this map as an exercise; it is the first time I used Trenchbroom and a Quake map in general.

It is around 5 minutes of gameplay, I would love to know what you think!

Screenshots and level in the link below:

My Twitter:

This map is extremely cool visually! The floating, moving blocks really give it an otherworldly feel, as does the “floating in the void” feel of the center area. It does create some visual inconsistency, where it seems like you should be see other parts of the level when you can’t (look back towards the center area from the final area to see what I mean). The dream-like nature of this level can make that feel intentional, but I wonder if it was…
There also seemed to be some missing textures on the sides of the stained glass windows in the first hallway, but I wonder if that was an engine bug of some kind (I played with Quakespasm btw).

Speaking of the first hallway, I managed to get stuck in the water on the sides, ahah. It seemed like there was an invisible wall preventing me from getting in the water, so I started looking for trouble and tried to get in anyway. I did, and then I couldn’t get out, lol. I’m not sure why there seems to be an invisible wall there, but I thought I would mention that I was able to get through it.

The gameplay was cool, I liked that there was a little non-linearity possible. The challenge was a little low, but not terrible. After getting the quad damage, I thought there was going to be a crazy big fight! But no such luck. Oh well.

I thought the ending of the level was good, having one shambler come out after the first one. Since I didn’t find too many weapons, I probably would have been frustrated if I had to fight them both at the same time.

Something I want to mention though. After getting both gold keys, it was a good touch to have the zombies come out of the graves, but I just ran past them because the big door was already opening. I think most people will. Right before finishing the level then, I went back to kill them, just because, and was surprised to see that killing the zombies spawned more enemies to fight. I think some people are never going to see those enemies since they will run right past the zombies. Just something to think about.