Difference in ratings

I have a question about the ratings of the maps list and the reviews to which said map list links:
Which one of the ratings is the correct one?

As Example: Star Monstrosity, on the list 3.91 (23 ratings) but in the review 4.3 (23 ratings)

Which rating reflects the current, actual rating?

Addition: It seems that the map list is the one with the kinda correct ratings, I gave copper a 5 star rating (deserved, was entertained) and the map list added 0.03 points or so, while the review page rating stayed static.

Review page is average, map list is described on https://www.quaddicted.com/help/maps

Bayesian average - seems like deeper bottoms; higher peaks.

Anyway, when I was personally wondering about how ratings work between the subject website and the list outcome, I came to conclusion there must be some offset or ballast - lowering the list outcome - in case of low amount of votes received; especially visible with fresh maps. Which means, if the subject website shows perfect five, with very few votes in the pool, the list outcome, would show a rating of - say - three; as if the low amount of votes, was a strong negative vote itself. Apparently, it must have been something else, contributing to my impression of this; the difference, between accounting of averages, such as ‘Spirit’ explained.

By the way, very good question, @‘GenericJohnDoe’.