Display of "full name" in addition to username is now enabled

You can now enter a custom “full name” in your profile. This name will be shown more prominently than your actual username. You can use this to set a more fancy name than what Discourse allows for the username. The old system allowed a lot* more than Discourse.

Cool people do not use their actual name on the internet. Pseudonyms and nicknames are best practice and protect you. Read “full name” not as “my personal real name” but “a name with fancy characters, spaces and what not”.

This image shows how the names are displayed in the forums. Please be aware that this user entered their real name as full name which I highly discourage.

If you would like to change your username itself, please contact me.

Showing the full name, if available, in embedded comment threads (e.g. on the map pages) requires some editing of Discourse [1, 2]. Currently the username is shown there. If anyone has experience with theme components, help would be highly appreciated.

*Shout out to @De_i_a_eD_o_th_e for the best use of Unicode characters on the old site. Nice!