Do You Know What Map I'm describing? (It was an awesome map!)

I played a Quake single player map many years ago that was great and I’d like to find it on Quaddicted, but I don’t know what it was called.

I remember it having really good scripting of text on the screen and triggering enemies in stages and I think it might have been in some kind of cathedral and at one point you went underground and there were zombies in a crypt. The combat was excellent.

Please tell me if you know what it is called.

Thank You.

Many maps meet your description, but I suggest you check out Kin’s “The Marcher Fortress” and “Bastion of the Underworld” first, if you haven’t done so already.

Thanks for the suggestion Kingold81. I went to those pages and I’m certain it wasn’t one of those. Those are also Q3 textures. Something I didn’t know about.

I remember there being coffins in the crypt, no water or anything. Very good text on the screen talking to the player, triggers and maybe some control of turning the lights out.

The only great map set with Q3 textures that immediately comes to my mind is CZG’s Insomnia, aka CZG07. But there is water in those maps. So, I am not so certain.


The level is Chapel Shoggoth (made by the author of Half-Life) or Februus Depth or Travail QTFin.
Honorable mention: