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the lighting is awful, no matter what one does with the brightness & contrast.
the construction was better than expected.
a lot of combat is boring & predictable with so many grunts and enforcers, though i did enjoy the map ‘the wood.’
i’d be interested in what icantthinkofanickname thinks.

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Unregistered user “Aspokala” posted:

I agree with dBAudio.

I’ve been finding myself enjoying this much more than dBAudio’s review suggested I might. But I am now stuck in The Old Sewage (bario3). I’ve killed the first 23 bad guys, enabled the elevator, gone up to the place where there SNG is, and … now what? I can’t find any way to go to a place I’ve not already been. Evey time I see somewhere that looks promising, it teleports me back into known territory.

I admitted defeat and decided to cheat, giving myself the gold key. I thought imp;ulse 14 did that, but it seems to no-op. I am using Quakespasm 0.90.0. Any ideas?

OK, I found the way to progress – though I needed to both noclip and r_fullbright 1 to figure it out. After reaching the SNG, following the elevated path, dropping onto the lower elevated path and following that through the little tower, you wind up inside a tube. I’d not realised it, but this is a wind-tunnel. Jump, and you’ll reach the next part of the map.


Apparently \impulse 14\ would seem to be exclusive to the Mac version. There’s a \give blue/red key\ cheat but it’s probably for vanilla as it doesn’t seem to work either in QS or DP. This leaves us with \give all. BTW, why didn’t you update? QS is currently at v0.92.1.

Found some additional cheats unlisted on Gamefaq here:
But still no \impulse 14.…

Uhhh… isn’t the backslash used as italic marker? Oh well, it’s readable at least…

Underscore is used for italics. Thanks for the hint: should have thought of give all!

“Impulse 9” gives you all weapons and keys.

Oh yeah, right, underscore… Whoever had the brilliant idea to use this Markdown crap instead of HTML like everybody else and their mother, anyway?

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I finished the wood (bario4), the final level of this pack. I admit I never found out the proper way to get outside the hut where you start, so I noclipped. Anyone know the proper solution?

Aaaanyway, at the end of it all I am inclined to be more charitable than dBAudio was. I enjoyed the unusual horde-style base combats in the early levels, and the inventiveness of the later levels. Part of me wants to give four stars, but I downgraded it to three for two reasons.

  • One is simple carelessness in some of the construction, so that all the maps have areas that are to run around in without getting caught on something.
  • The other is the huge over-reliance on absolute darkness, a gimmick which quickly becomes tedious and prevents proper exploration. I would have been fine with near-darkness, so you have to peer carefully. But 100% dark? No fun. I had to go fullbright several times to understand my surroundings.

Still, three stars seems fair to me.

i played this again to see what i was talking about. i could tolerate the lighting a bit more this time around, & i still enjoyed ‘The Wood.’ i think the lighting favors that map, though i’d like to see a starry sky.
i still tire of the grunt/enforcer ‘battles’ in the first few maps. that said, if these maps were modernized with some Quoth base monsters (perhaps less in quantity), i’d enjoy the variety much more.
even with my subjective criticism, MikeTaylor is correct in that this collection deserves a three star rating from me, so i upgraded it from the two stars i originally rated it. besides, i’ve played much worse maps, and i’ve never created anything worth releasing.

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