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Very good first release, and I think the scale of the map is a good place to start, it is so damn hard to finish maps… :slight_smile: You also know your way around the AD entities for future releases.

Thank You Giftmacher!

A part of the reason for the small map was to pour as much quality as possible. It was also a good testing ground for the goodies that AD has to offer.

Unregistered user “FUBAR” posted:

Fun map with a lot of thought into it, nice job. I was low on health and ammo but that could have simply been due to my chosen difficulty >:)

Out of curiosity what editor do you use? I’d like to get into mapping sometime but ditched worldcraft way back when

Thanks FUBAR! I used TrenchBroom for the majority of the map and then TrenchBroom 2 Beta when it was released. I use TrenchBroom 2 Beta as my stable editor at this time.

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I really liked this, please make more!
I feel like Arcane Dimensions is a really great base for modern Quake maps that intend to be respectful of the original game.

Thanks faelnor, I agree with your thoughts on Arcane Dimensions and intend on creating more maps using the mod.

Glad you enjoyed!

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Fun little map, need to replay to find the secrets. Don’t mind the “average” rating, I consider 3 stars above average since it’s more than half the stars. :slight_smile:

I would have liked to explore indoors on the above-ground level but I can see you might have been a bit less ambitious since it’s your first map. That said, I only found one secret and that by accident, so maybe I missed something inside.

I trust you will make more maps, if you’re not working on a project already!

I noticed someone already tagged this release with with ad. However, I think it would be better to tag AD maps with “arcanedimensions.” Searching for “ad” in the database isn’t very helpful, as it brings up a ton of entries that happen to have the string “ad” somewhere in the title or author field. When (hopefully) more AD maps get released this would make sorting the database for them a real pain.

Thanks Lane,

Glad you enjoyed and ratings do not bother me…they are just numbers.

You are correct when it comes to my ambition level for the map. I wanted to be able to officially release a map so I kept the layout to basically one large room. This allowed me to pour as much quality to make it “up to standards”.

I am working on a much more ambitious project now, although I have no idea when it will be complete!

Cheers for adding the tags…that is a good idea concerning the ad redundant search matches.

Unregistered user “pietsen” posted:

Very cool secrets and funny story! Impressive for a first release. I am looking forward to the pack that was teased in the one secret :slight_smile:

Unregistered user “Bloughsburgh” posted:

Thanks piesten,

Appreciate the comments glad you enjoyed it for what it was. Nice job finding the rune hint secret! Quake mapping is tough time consuming business especially if you have no level designing experience (me).

I have a grand idea for a new map but I feel I need to have smaller releases to tune my skills.

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Unregistered user “dwere” posted:

Great first release.

Looks slightly unfinished though. The wood pieces are floating above the water, and the crate on the chain bobs up and down which doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Unregistered user “Bloughsburgh” posted:

Hey dwere,

The floating wood pieces and bobbing crate are actually func brushes called…funny enough, func_bob!

They were meant to simulate the motion of wood planks floating in water and a crate being suspended from a rope this was the intention! Quake can only do so much but this is the best I could get.

Thanks for commenting.

Man, that secret window is hard to hit!

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