Early patches for Q2. Where could I find them?

Hi everyone!
I’ve spent some days looking around to find the very early (pre-2000) patches for Quake 2, which seem to have been buried in the very depths of the web, since they became unsupported and also because the majority of the Quake dedicated websites just hotlinked to the ifDStuff FTPs (therefore I wasn’t able to find any surviving direct link to hosted files yet).

I’m not even sure if I’m looking in the wrong places to begin with, or it’s actually a reality that something like 10 different patches for one of the most iconic games ever have disappeared completely from the internet…
Is there any chance somebody could bless me with those patches?? :\

If somebody here can help, please hit me up on here, or by p.m. or twitter
To avoid confusion I’m talking about the patches from 3.06 to 3.12 (Q2_306.ZIP, PATCH_07.ZIP, PATCH_08.ZIP, Q2UPD308.EXE… I could name them all if necessary!). I’ve googled back and forth for them, and the biggest disadvantage is the fact that web archives like the Wayback Machine only safeguarded data within the last decade. anything prior to that I couldn’t seem to find by looking through the idStuff FTP’s.

Enough of talking. Thanks everyone that has read all the way thought to this. :stuck_out_tongue:

I might have some of these. It will take me a few days to check. Very busy and the drive is buried in my man cave… when I dig it up, I will report back.

edit: I might have found some of them right now, so the list below revolves around the only ones I’m left to find as of yet.

that would great, and yeah no rush!

not trying to leech from you in any intended way, but I might aswell post a list of all the patches so you know exactly what I’m tryin to get hold of, and you’re welcome to provide the ones you might be able to come correct with. I still thank you ahead, 'cause I’m not expecting you to still finding them on your old drive. heh
if this is just senseless to point out just let me know and I’ll edit my post.

Q2 Ver 3.07 (PATCH_07.ZIP)
Q2 Ver 3.08 (PATCH_08.ZIP)
Q2 Ver 3.08 Update (Q2UPD308.EXE)
Q2 Ver 3.09 (Q2-309.EXE)
Q2 Ver 3.09 #2 (Q2-309-2.EXE)
Q2 Ver 3.09 Update (Q2UPD309.EXE)
Q2 Ver 3.12A (Q2-312A.EXE)
Q2 Ver 3.16 for Alpha AXP (might be called something like Q2-316-APX.ZIP)
Q2 CTF v1.0 #2 (Q2_CTF10_2.exe)

Well, let’s say…, a blast from the past.

I packed them all together, this goes for:

And some additions to video cards, you know Vodoo, Stealth, Viper.
Q2 Power VR Opne GL Patch
Q2 Ren_dition Patch
Q2 Rendition mini Driver
Q2 Rendition Patch
Q2 v3.10 Patch


Have Fun With It!

thanks there, that looks like a phat pack!!

messing around yesterday I came across a Quake 1 patch to up from version 1.00 to 1.01, and the script (id Patch), made by Romero seeks for the RLICNSE and COMEXP files to verify if you have a registered copy of the game. silly enough, since I had the SW 1.00 only, I tried tricking the patch by adding those couple filles and see what it does, well what it does is it still replaces pak0 only, no pak1.
yup, Romero can’t be fooled, he fools you! :stuck_out_tongue:

Patch 315 contains a DM level of American McGee.

“A new map is also included (in baseq2\pak3.pak) called match1, Reckless Abandon.
This map is designed for one on one deathmatch play.
It was built by American McGee and Dave “Zoid” Kirsch.”

it’s in my uncoming plans to track down maps made by the official level designers, lol

I had the match1 zip, but didn’t remember it was included with patch 3.15 too.
it’s definitely been a blast from the past for me too during this week, I didn’t even remember that much stuff was going on and I was definitely around when all of it came out. it’s just that my main focus (like most of the players I bet) was to play, rather than archiving everything I came across.