Editing the Wiki on Quaddicted in 2023

Eventually, I’d like to start updating some of the wiki pages here on the main site (and likewise .org). @Spirit I’m wondering if I should hold off doing so for any possible changes or should I just go ahead with the current system?

Has anyone else here ever tried editing the Wiki on QD?

I’ve been reflecting recently on how abysmal quakewiki.org is compared to doomwiki.org (not to mention unusable on mobile) — do you think the Quaddicted wiki ought to be the canonical knowledge base for Quake generally?

@dumptruck_ds if you mean the wiki at https://www.quaddicted.com/start?do=index I would not recommend contributing anything to it at the moment. There isn’t much in it, the design is broken in many places and editing it is a pain. I would love to drop the software that powers it at some point. Any content in there that would fit quakewiki.org should really be migrated there, in doubt just ask. I did migrate some pages in the past but never finished that. I think https://www.quaddicted.com/start?idx=library, https://www.quaddicted.com/start?idx=magazines and https://www.quaddicted.com/start?idx=engines for example.

For quakewiki.org I concur with @zaratzara… There was a great burst when it was resurrected in 2013 from backups but over time the community didn’t really catch on in a way like the amazing Doom wiki. But to me that site is the perfect place for canonical knowledge. It has a nice domain, a good body of knowledge, is linked with other wikis and not bound to any specific people like other sites. (I would gladly pass maintenance and admin around to others if that would help).


Do you admin quakewiki too @Spirit? I think a lick of paint (or rather, dropping the fancy stuff and just using boilerplate wiki styles) would do wonders there. I’m a web developer by trade so can help in that domain.

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You might consider hiding some of those “getting started” guides here on Quaddicted if we shouldn’t be updating them. The info is really quite out of date in many places. Duly noted re: Quakewiki.org I use it quite often as a reference and really want to update the info on a regular basis. @zaratzara I agree editing the pages are a pain but overhauling the site might be a tall order.

You mean on quaddicted.com? I removed it from https://www.quaddicted.com/quaddicted.com/contribute/ now, if there are more places, please tell me where (or edit).

I only resurrected for the third time, before it had been run by the great folk at QuakeSRC and QuakeDev. https://quakewiki.org/wiki/Acknowledgments

That would be fantastic! What kind of access do you need?

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File system access (via FTP I guess?)… I’ll DM you